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In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing 4 strategies to generate more Etsy traffic to your Etsy shop and get more sales on Etsy. If you want tips, learn how to sell on Etsy, understand Etsy SEO 2021, increase Etsy traffic, this is the perfect video for you. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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? About this channel: Hi, my name is Nancy! It’s nice to meet you. I teach Etsy sellers and handmade business owners how to turn their passions into profits! I am OBSESSED about making passive income trực tuyến. In my first year on Etsy, I made over $21K without having any prior experience selling on Etsy. In my second year, I was able to triple my income. I sell digital products on Etsy and lovemaking multiple streams of passive income trực tuyến. I am also a YouTube creator, content creator and make money with affiliate marketing. I use this channel to share valuable không tính phí information to help you grow your Etsy business. I’ve invested a lot of money and time into this journey and learned a ton.

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  1. ? Links mentioned in the video: ?
    ?? Grab my Etsy Mastery Course here
    ?? Try Tailwind for a month for FREE here
    ?? How to find profitable Etsy tags here
    ?? How to create an email landing page here

    Have any questions? Please leave them below!?

  2. I'm new to Etsy, joined June and sold my first item last week, I know it does take time to get the sales, it will happen. I can't find your video on feedback, what's the best way to ask the buyer for feedback or does Etsy send it automatically? Still a learning curve and love watching you.

  3. Great information

  4. Love it! What is a lookbook? Can you provide an example?

  5. I ❤️ the email tips! Thanks!

  6. Thank you, Nancy for another great video. I’ve made five sales so far following your valuable tips and course. I love my Etsy store and what I’m learning about Etsy/Pinterest SEO from you. Stay awesome and thanks again!

  7. Thank you, Nancy, Lot of great tips. Took a lot of notes.

  8. Great video as always, Nancy. Thank you!

  9. I just wanted to say thank you Nancy for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. I am gaining the confidence to open my own Etsy shop and your videos have helped so much, thank you thank you!

  10. You always say how we are all only human beings and we all need motivation when you don't get it from anybody else it can be hard but I just want to thank you because you do give me the Motivation

  11. Thank you. I love your videos, and I love your course! ❤ It was the best investment I made. ?
    I have a question about Pinterest. What about #? Do I use them or not?

  12. This video is very helpful. I opened my etsy shop in July and have had 0 sales yet

  13. Hi, Thank you so much your videos are so helpful, as I'm a beginner Etsy seller, i have a question if you don't mind, the method of creating coupons on Etsy is it free or you pay additional taxes for each sale you made? Hope you reply to my comment ?

  14. What happened @11:4512:01, Nancy? Something had you frustrated. So cute!

  15. How do you get customers to buy from you if you have no reviews?

  16. This is so helpful as I'm a new Etsy seller (1 month), it's so overwhelming. I'm spending today binge-watching your videos! Thank you Nancy!

  17. Hello, I hope it is an Arabic explanation, please

  18. Helpful as always, thanks Nancy.