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In today’s video, I am going to be talking about the new feature that Etsy is rolling out on Sept. I will be talking about everything you must know, , and the details of the Etsy seller star program. Enjoy!

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  1. I don't thing the message count is accurate and tracking messages correctly. I message customers almost always within a few hours through the Order page in stead of the Messages page. It says I'm at 50%, which I know is not even close to correct. I message customers every day and I can't think of the last time I waited beyond 24 hours to contact a customer. Their developers should have beta tested this with experienced sellers before rolling it out.

  2. Hi Nancy, do you know if having multiple shops will impact your store rankings for the star seller badge? If one shop is doing well and almost qualifies for the badge but your other shop doesn't even meet the 10 sales and $300 requirements?

  3. Thanks for this helpful video!

  4. Hi Nancy: I sell digital products too. You and I have the same concerns about the tracking number. If they're going to penalize a seller for missing tracking info, the platform should be updated for personalized digital products.

  5. Etsy is out of control. Great place to start, but horrible place to grow your brand.

  6. While I understand that not all stores are equal, our shop is about to hit 100,000 sales and we're at 94% messages, 98% 5 star rating, and 99% on time shipping, so we should have it come September. Having the star badge should give us a nice little advantage. It will also push all stores to up their customer service game.

  7. I think it’s horrible. Etsy is losing its humbleness. They are literally squeezing every penny out of us and now our souls.

  8. I haven’t started Etsy yet still working on my KDP but this is so discouraging. I planned on selling digital products as well ?

  9. ETSY is becoming ridiculous, way too complicated for people to keep up and maintain shop integrity. I would say people will have to start paying huge fees on everything to have a hope in keeping your shop in the feeds with no guarantees on anything.

  10. Thanks for this video was waiting..
    Hey Nancy if I have a YouTube channel monetized with ad sense..and I want to start a blog.. can I use the same adsense? Do I have to get approved or something again?

  11. Thanks for posting Nancy! ? The only thing that bothers me is the 24 hour response to messages. They should change it to one business day. I take Sundays as a break away from my store and don’t respond until Monday morning, which is just over 24 hours. I receive 20+ messages on weekends, so I think it puts pressure on sellers!

  12. Why don't you list your digital products as digital? Digital products won't affect the score.

  13. I don't agree with those new rule, postage fee with tracking are very expensive in Canada. The price of the item on my shop cost around 25$ , cost of shipping with tracking is 14$ and 20$ in USA and if I increase the price of my jewelry, nobody will buy it. Is that a way from Etsy to get rid off the small shop and keep only the top sellers? ? I'm thinking seriously of closing my shop and just keep my other one which is digital download art, this way I won't have issues with shipping and tracking

  14. Thank you for this. I agree with the customer response time. I always respond right away, but the metrics show that I don't ?
    Also I'm concerned about the tracking metrics. I offer free shipping which does not include tracking in order to keep my prices down. I always ship on time, and now I'm getting dinged for this service. That's not fair!

  15. My issue is, most people really only message when something is wrong, or inquiring about a custom orders. Which for my husband, is a rare occasion. So, in my opinion, this messaging rating is partially garbage.

  16. I don’t see the purpose of this at all. I am a seller with 4000 sales and I have five star reviews and when people come to my store they can see from the reviews that I give good customer service. What is the benefit as a seller that we get from this badge? If you read the article from them they say we don’t get a boost in search from this but if that is the case then what is the point of the whole thing? Also, I know someone that sells stickers and the stickers are around two dollars each so she doesn’t give tracking but just send them in the mail. To add tracking to one of the stickers would be about $3.50 and that isn’t reasonable, so she can never get a badge.

  17. Thanks for doing this video. I hadn't even opened up my email from Etsy. Glad to hear you explain it. The other comments are great because I learned from them, too. It will give me something to strive for as a new seller.

  18. I think it is ok if it will be fair, but the reviews already speak themselves, and you can also see how fast the seller responds next to his name (usually responds in hours).

    But I am confused. Do digital items count or not? I only sell digital patterns; do I qualify?

  19. what bothers me with the messages is that sometimes I receive automated messages. I currently have an 80% for messages as there was one message I received that I didn't respond to. It was automated from one shop I maybe have visited one time or liked a product from them? (not quite sure how but they messaged me). I chose to ignore it as It wasn't anything worth responding to. I raised this on their feedback form. Quite concerning and a little harsh.

  20. My problem is, 16 of my delivered orders show on Etsy pre-transit. When i Click the tracking the USPS website show delivered. My shipping rate show %52 cause of that. First, they must fix this problem. They all delivered on time the system can't get the information from USPS website.