Exactly How I Made This Design and Printed This Hoodie – Step By Step



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Cameo Cutter

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Heat Press Nation

Budget Heat Press

Budget Heat Press – Drawer Slide Out


Geo Knight Swing Away Press

Geo Knight Auto Open

Stahls Auto Open


Vexels T-Shirt Designs and T-Shirt Designer

T-Shirt Designer – Canva – 30-Day miễn phí Trial

Elements By Envato

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  1. Glamour Absolute Font:

    Vexels T-Shirt Designs:

    PUFF Heat Transfer Vinyl:


    Transfers are from 613originals.com

    Stahls' 16 x 20 Hotronix Heat Press:


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  2. 20.06 the t-shirt you holding, what's that? Gildan 5000?

  3. Very direct and straightforward. Awesome job.

  4. Thank you for posting, loved seeing your product shots at the end – – real talk bro you should model.

  5. Can you make more videos like this?

  6. This design is fire!!!

  7. Can you put a link to your hat press please

  8. Really cool, well done man ?

  9. Hi, With that design did you test it out with a small run or did you just take a chance with it Thanks!!

  10. the info on this video is really help just wish during the editing part you'd be more detail because there was stuff you was doin I didn't know. you should do a video on exactly what to click on when editing. thanks

  11. whats the black tshirt you are wearing in the video? like the neck, hate wide necks.

  12. ????? like what you doing, much love from morocco

  13. Can that design work on supacolor aswell

  14. Your photos didn't do justice to your hoodie. That hoodie turned out very nice. Matched your pants with the hoodie to make the hoodie stand out.

  15. You ever make designs for other people? I’m a big fan, I’m also a pro boxer and would love to have one of your designs for my next shirts. How could I go about working with you? ????

  16. LAYERS!!!! It's all about the layers. It shows u take time with your art, and u don't just throw ANYTHING on a garment, and expect it to sell #Quality #RealBranding

  17. But you didn't show the actual printing part XD I assume it was print printed and not cut in several layers and put together into 1 transfer piece?

  18. I would like to know where I can find this.material.to buy and how many washes this print can handle

  19. The Dopeness! You bodied that ish.

  20. Hey man @hustleninjas we offer DTF 23×24 sheets starting at $30 (1 sheet) however many logos you can fit. We have a store in Cypress Tx, a little north of Houston. I think we can beat the prices you're paying now. My wifes channel is Flash Custom Designs, you can check out some of the shirts we make for some pretty big local youtubers. Let me know if you're interested.