Explain Why This is Good | AM Cassandre Painter, Graphic & Type Designer

Ever wonder what makes a design great? Did you skip but still want to learn? What makes an impactful design that withstands the test of time?

In this segment, Chris Do reviews AM Cassandre’s posters and typefaces. He breaks down the elements it takes to make a great composition using simple shapes.

0:25 A.M. Cassandre – January 24, 1901 – June 17, 1968
2:44 L’Atlantique – Par Le Paquebot
4:32 Nederlandsche Nyverheidster Toonstelling Rotterdam 1928
6:14 Copying and tracing work allows you to learn from the designer and uncover their hidden thought process
6:45 Nord Express
9:15 Cigarettes – Golden Club
10:36 AM Cassandre Challenge – Retrace & Create
12:53 Dubonnet Vin Tonique Au Quinquina

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Host– Chris Do
Director– Erica Pead
Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras
Editor– Erica Pead
Show Open– Roy Kang
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Typefaces: Futura, Din
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  1. It's a club. The cigarettes are called Golden Club. It's a compass, not a jet or a missile.

  2. im commiting to it, my city is Omsk

  3. Love learning in this channel! <3

  4. I'm a little surprised that y'all skipped past that one that read "new york," which was a takeoff of the s.s. normandie poster, that i'm pretty sure is his most famous work. van halen used it for an album cover (one of the live ones, maybe?) anyway, i subrscribed as a casual fan of graphic art and poster art. there is a more obsure poster artist, Sandy-Hook (Georges Taboureau, 1879-1960) if you do another one of these, it would be great to see some information about him in english (everything i saw online was in french.) thank you! -jack

  5. Thaks just love the artwork, strong figur and color and clean

  6. I hope you like my style. F.B

  7. Whoa. Please do not stop making videos. This is super underrated. I could learn a lot from these. O oO

  8. 10:00 it's a club. As in Golden Club

  9. It'd take me about 7 days with no sleep

  10. 9:15 Golden Club…. like spade, diamond, hearts…

  11. I don't think you explained why this design is great at all.

  12. Lou said so on Friday afternoons.

  13. https://youtu.be/kUSsNoF946I
    Took me two and a half hours, including several stumbles and wrong turns. I couldn't quite solve the problem of recreating the textures in Adobe Illustrator, and ended up running out of time to mess around with it. I so wish the team at Adobe would make improvements to the long-in-the tooth Effects in this software. I'd love to be able to control the foreground and background colors in the Texture/Grain effect! But it was a fun exercise.

  14. Hello The Futur, can you resync the subtitle, please? because the subtitle appear first than the voice :).

  15. A really good video, thanks a lot for this kind of content.
    Personally I've seen some of his works before and what I really like about his style is that he is not only using simple geometric shapes, but he is able to repeat them throughout the image very efficiently. My favourite work of his is the bird with aperitif poster, but the Dubonnet wine was new for me.

  16. 13:44 "one second ladies and germs" lol

  17. Can use CorelDRAW to re created the poster? and what the # or tag we can use or how I can show it to you? thanks

  18. The videos are always too long. Presenting information compact is one key element of design. And you guys do always a coffee klatsch.

  19. I am looking forward to the challenge. what do you recommend to use for the video screen capture?

  20. yes, the fingers do look like doobs

  21. Dubo, dubon, dubonnet. Its a tag line. There is a play on words. Dubo sounds like "du beau" (literally: some good looking (wine is implied)), dubon sounds like "du bon" (some good(wine)) and then Dubonnet is the name of the wine.

  22. 13:40 Did he say ladies and germs?

  23. The shape is a club, like the card suit, a golden club

  24. My Instagram for some vector work I did after being inspired by Orlando.

  25. Cool video Chris, I am always on the hunt for more details what Orlando shares about art, design & inspiration. thanks for making this.

  26. I accept the challenge 🙂

    Also, it would be awesome if you did this for motion graphics as well. Maybe for someone like Saul Bass?

  27. the type name is Bifur I tink

  28. 10:05 it's the logo in the package recreated in a genius way.

    ps: you guys..are one of the best youtube channel. Keep doing this, you're so helpful!

  29. THis is cool, i got to knw abt cassandra

  30. A natural progression after watching the Orlando Arocena episode. Great stuff as usual guys. (Erica you looking hot 🙂

  31. “Did I not just give you a disclaimer?” Hahahaha so rude I love it

  32. I hear 3, 4 hours to do these posters. I could go with that but I really think you underestimate the time to redraw these posters guys.

  33. The cigarettes were in shape of the logo on the box.

  34. Love the simple short clips!

  35. Hey… Am going do the travel poster, inspired by the AM Cassandre style… Am from Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, India…

    I mostly miss the live stream due to the time zone…


  37. The clover is the logo for the cigarettes. You can also see a clover on the box.