Gaze Kitgun Build 2019 (Guide) – Weak You Say? (Warframe Gameplay)

Gaze Kitgun Build 2019 (Guide) – Weak You Say? (Warframe )

Among the Kitgun options available we find the Gaze chamber which currently is the least popular. This is hardly surprising considering the immense strength of the other available options but none of this means that the Gaze is not a powerful weapon.

For the Showcased we have a combination of Splat and Haymaker which results in a high critical chance of thirty nine percent and a two point three critical multiplier. This comes at the cost of status chance, only seventeen percent with a magazine of forty three and a reload of one point seven seconds.
It’s worth keeping in mind that the Grip on the Gaze will control the range of the beam. Haymaker providing twenty two meters. The fire-rate remains constant regardless of the grip.

Throughout all my tests the Gaze performed very well and the weapon is fully suited to dispatching high level targets so if you are looking for a beam secondary weapon than the Gaze is a strong option for single target damage. The weapon does have default punch-through on the weapon but AoE-wise it’s simply not up to par with other available options.

Overall I find the Gaze to be a strong secondary weapon, the only problem being that it lives in the shadows of its brothers and doesn’t get the chance to shine. Give it a try.

Warframe is a không tính phí-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Remember when Vay Hek was MELTED with a Mining Laser? Now imagine that same laser, on steroids.

  2. I forgot what item it is but my gaze crit hits bounce to enemies that are pretty close to the original target at a cost of a damage drop off.

  3. I made this same kitgun yesterday but the Status is 0.0%???? Same parts as yours too. Does it stay 0.0% until I guild it?

  4. When can we expect the Gaze Primary?

  5. Dude I just got a second riven mod and that is for Gaze.

  6. Is the Gaze better than Atomos?

  7. Someone know how many the kitgun gaze riven mod cost?

  8. Nice i have a exact same riven without negative magazine. Its going to be fun building this.

  9. You know that weapon that you only built cos you have a riven for it then realizing it's actually really good? That the gaze for me

  10. Nice ,
    like all the previous ones. Ty man

  11. I wish you could put the gammacor skin on that

  12. Does Pax seeker prog Arcane Precision or hydraulic Crosshairs?

  13. Omg, with a crit riven this thing melts anything in front of you.. i was trying it on lvl 135's in suriculum and good god, my riven has 189% crit chance, 3.0 punch through, and a negative to grineer, but even with that negative, i can melt about 4 in a row with 1 magazine before i have to reload. though when i put my primed pistol gambit, it was high crit chance as well. I put both my riven and primed pistol gambit for the LuL's and it was 170% crit chance LOL

  14. Gone to Fortuna to see what is the Promo day for kitguns, and i see : GAZE + HAYMAKER + SPLAT… i just rename it TZZZ

  15. Dude I was just going through this video to see how you'd set up a riven build while rerolling my Gaze riven, saw you had Critatis, alt tabbed back to roll for the 2nd time, boom I got Critatis too.. WTF

  16. I'm a simple man. I get a riven I'm unsure about and Leyzar has a video that makes me want to use it. I like the video.

  17. have you used this kitgun lately? it seems its like a mini amprex now

  18. I got a riven for this and I’m wondering whether I should keep it (what would I want rolled ?) or try to sell it (how much could I get ?)

  19. Did you use which parts to make your Gaze ?

  20. Hey layzer did gaze got a change?!! Because is chaining enemies like an amprex

  21. the issue is not the damage, it's the spectra-style firing that keeps me away from it, it's just terrible

  22. People: Gaze isn't strong.
    Me: (laughs in Gaze Critanok)

    Crit chance and punch through at the cost of some recoil.

  23. Got a riven for this the other day with punchthru and damage. So much fun

  24. where are you from leyzar ? you have a beautiful accent

  25. Does +slash on a gaze riven work

  26. Welp… to ruud's murderizers i go

  27. One thing I will say about this weapon…is atleast it looks better than the ugly ass hairdryer looking ray gun that is the catchmoon.

  28. In the latest patch this now chains to 2 enemies in 5m, Atomos style!

  29. Just got buffed with a 5 meter chain ability similar to the atomos. Seems to be fixed range so haymaker is probably the best choice now if people were unsure in regards of the beam range.

  30. Leyzar! Bro!
    It is a upgraded ATOMOS now!
    It also means my +dmg,multi,firerate -corpus riven is gonna be nerfed too ToT

  31. Alright before I want to do this with the riven I have I do have a question my riven has +crit chance +crit damage and +damage but its -puncture is it worth even using that riven or just wait and see if can get my hands on better one?

  32. God I REALLY LOVE this new Atlas skin.

  33. At 8:02 why don't you go for above 300% critical chance with hydraulic crosshairs? Wouldn't it hit harder than using sharpened bullets?

  34. Just got a riven for gaze! Multishot+heat+cold-slash! No roll and gaze does not have slash! Ugh

  35. I have +297 damage AND +111 electricity riven for the Gaze. Can the riven make it better than Tombfinger(no riven)?

  36. I JUST deleted both of my Gaze rivens for endo goddammit

  37. Just got the riven for this, i got tombfinger and the gaze would collect dust if i had not watched this vid.. really well made vid, ton of information and options offered.. Thks dude ?

  38. not if you have a ms cc cd rattle guts riven

  39. Srry leyzar but im having troubles selling it on the chat. If anyone is interested im selling a gaze riven with +219% damage and 93% crit damage no neg, im on xbox.

  40. just unveiled a gaze riven with crit chance/crit dmg, guess i'll give the gaze a try

  41. With Primed Pistol Gambet and Target Cracker and no riven, did you find in your testing that Sharpened Bullets outperformed Magnum Force? I only ask because I haven't maxxed rank Magnum Force. On paper, it seems they should be pretty close in damage — +1.75x of crit damage vs. +1.65x base damage — but Magnum Force allows you to fire from the hip instead of aiming.

  42. [cries in Cycron]

  43. I personally built my Gaze with Ramble. Yes, I'm sacrificing damage, but at 20 meters I could obliterate someone with my Tombfinger or Catchmoon. I wanted something different that was better for general use in wider spaces. Plus, the reload animation is just cooler than the Haymaker's.

  44. Do twin bassilisk next plz

  45. I've got so much out of these weapon build videos, the same basic build rules clearly explained with the same wording each time has ingrained them into me to point where I can have layzar's voice coaching me into making good mod choices as I build.
    Any chance you would be willing to do a set of videos for weapons with a 5 in the riven disposition specifically, so we can build the weapon, level it up with better mods as we get them and eventually move into having a powerful endgame weapon once rivened that we have become familiar with using over time and are familiar and proficient with?