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00:00 Welcome!
1:33 – 7:44 Agenda Updates
7:45 – 15:53 Moving Checklist on Canva
15:58 – 20:16 Daily Journal

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  1. The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

  2. Girl you gotta trim those wicks, the soot on that candle ?

  3. Where can we find the templates? I cannot find them

  4. You made me fall in love with Cloth & Paper!

  5. I love your videos. You are such an inspiration! I tried looking at file you shared and it won’t open, says file isn’t there. I’d love to at least see it. Thanks Mady!

  6. Question…Could you please provide info the gold band ring on your index finger on Ieft hand ? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your ring! I always enjoy your videos. Thanks

  7. When you have 24 hours to get your sheet together and watch madyplans instead

  8. Love this type of video so much???

  9. I love this! I love realistic plan with me type of videos. Quick question, are you still using the personal planner you set up?

  10. It is always a great day when you upload a new video! Just in time, my 2022 inserts from 8Lotus came in the mail today. I will be emulating your planning routine with a pumpkin cream cold brew in hand when it comes out on Tuesday. ? Congrats on your new place, wishing you both a peaceful and efficient move!

  11. What pen were you using in your planner?

  12. Hi Mady,
    I have to say that your Vlogs are truly Inspirational and amazingly encouraging thank you for bringing us a long with you, I truly love the way you design your planner pages on your computer, I for one would love to see more vlogs like this if you are willing to do more, you are so Incredibly Organized, which makes life feel much more Organized and bearable as well, till your next vlog bye for now stay safe

  13. i just LOOOVVVEEEEE your planner and organisation , is there a full version of your planner for sale? pleaasee i wanna buy it

  14. Great video! You are moving again? Seems like only a few videos ago you moved…:)

  15. Hi Macy love your nails. Would you share color.

  16. This channel is type A's best friend and inspiration. Mady you are goals.

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  18. Hey Mady ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve been playing with canva. I’m not very creative but I’ve been trying to make some dashboards ??? yes please do a tutorial on inserts and dashboards in canva. Great video Mady?