Google My Business Justifications – 1 Great New Feature You’ve Probably Missed!

If you don’t know what are, you’re not the only one. This brand new feature which was only made public a few weeks ago has largely gone unnoticed but is a very big deal if you run a small business. These local justifications can influence the decision-making process of searchers significantly and drive a lot more quality traffic to your site and customers through your doors. This video breaks down what they are and how you can use them so you can stay ahead of the game.
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? Table of content
0:00 – Intro
0:47 – What are Google My Business Justifications?
1:03 – Where Can Justifications Be Found?
1:07 – Why are there any Justifications
1:33 – Why Care About Justifications?
1:55 – How do you get Justification to show on your listing?
2:13 – Review Justification
3:29 – Website Mention Notification
5:04 – Post Justification
5:52 – Provide Justification
6:38 – thực đơn Highlight Justification
7:24 – In Stock Notification
8:34 – Sold Here Notification

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  1. Your videos always provide excellent info & guidance thanks Luc!

  2. Hey Luc,
    Thanks for these awesome tips!
    How would you handle local SEO for 3 dental clinics owned by same person but with 3 separate business names and domains? They are all within 10kms of each other. The content is written and approved by the owners for all 3 clinics. How to avoid duplication of contents when they provide the same services at 3 locations?

  3. Thanks, Ranking Academy for educating us with this helpful information. I always watch your tutorials and learn new tips to enhance my marketing skills.?♥️

  4. Your videos are gold. Thank you for the info. If you go on Patreon for classes count me in.

  5. Maaan! Your videos are GOLD
    Thanks a lot for sharing these insights

  6. Are we certain that GMB POST justifications will only be from post 60 days or newer? Can a post that is older than 60 days old be edited a bit and be found as a post justification? For example, add a keyword or two to an old post?

  7. Very intelligent person ?

  8. Merci Luc pour la vidéo ! J'en sais plus sur la justification maintenant !

  9. Luc, The Duke! Of Google. Good info., my friend. Thank you.

  10. Great content Luc. Do you know why on some searches the map pack only shows results by "hours" and not "ratings" & "hours"? For the same keyword but different area, it displays results by "hours" and in the other area it displays them by "rating" & "hours". Thanks.

  11. You amaze me.
    That is great information.

  12. I appreciate the video. This has been going on for the last three years. It's not new.

  13. Impressive, video for local businesses.

  14. I was asked this just the other day… the site and review ones were obvious but the other 5, wow, thank you!

  15. Another Excellent video Luc! Many thanks for sharing with us small business owners. You give us plenty of great tips that are practical and easy to apply. Really appreciated. I'm sure you have plenty of ideas for future content but if you are ever stuck for ideas then I and I'm sure many would love to see something along the lines of best practices for multi-lingual gmb management. Murky waters indeed. Thanks again!

  16. You are one of the great trainer that i gladly follow on YouTube. More and more people should follow you.People are following many fake gurus and at the end most of them get frustrated and stop doing SEO.

  17. Thanks Luc great topic – not covered this in detail before