Gumpaste / Fondant Ribbon Bow Tutorial for Cakes

Hi and welcome to my kitchen. In this weeks video tutorial I’m going to show you how I make gumpaste bows to add to my cakes. Bows look great in any size, whether they are small for the top of cupcakes or larger to go on the front of a wedding cake. I really hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful when making your own bows.

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Gumpaste present / gift bow:

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➡Tools I have used in todays video:
Squires Petal Paste (Gumpaste):
Edible glue:
Rolling Pin (similar):

Plus find a full list of all my favourite tools and baking equipment here:

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  1. How do dry a fondant decoration??? Please share some tips. Whenever i used fondant decoration, its just got soften and when put in whipped it got slipped?

  2. can you please share your fondant recipe and gum paste recipe?

  3. Can I make these 5 days in advance ?

  4. Can u tell the glue name?

  5. Do you use piping gel as your glue?

  6. Thank you for this no pfaff tutorial, this will be my first project x?x

  7. You are very beautiful n stylish n good work

  8. Omg ty for learning me this ?? love it!!
    and love ur videos!!

  9. Please how do u make your gum paste

  10. Thank you!! My bow looks awesome because of your easy to do steps!

  11. Try Fantasia Fondant, you won't regret it. It is a very forgiving fondant with a long work time, which makes it easy to work with for beginners and pros. Fantasia Fondant is formulated with elasticity making it a high performing fondant when covering cakes or performing in silicon cake molds. The colors of Fantasia Fondant are vivid and fadeproof. This fondant will not prematurely dry, crack, tear, break and 'elephant skin.' Offers a less sweet taste that resembled a homemade marshmallow fondant.

  12. I Don't have edible glue…what to do?

  13. This is so cute ?♥️?

  14. Me encantó este vídeo, es el lazo en pasta de goma más hermoso que hay en YouTube!
    Muchas gracias por compartir todo tu creatividad ??? saludos desde Venezuela ???

  15. Love it, such neat work ❤️❤️.

  16. Beautiful tutorial, thankyou

  17. Thanku so much mamm From INDIA

  18. Can I make the ribbon using gumpaste gelatine?

  19. Great instruction video, so much better than others I've tried to follow, are you using just normal shop bought fondant (i.e Renshaw) or have you bought harder drying sugar/florist paste? If normal, did you strengthen it with Tylo? Thanks 🙂

  20. Thankyou so much for the clear instructions. You're a pleasure to watch. I've just started working with fondant and your videos are always my go to. ??

  21. Thanks for making me to learn more about this

  22. Very beautiful n very helpful video..

  23. it looks sooooooooo hard to me

  24. Hi do you have any gumpaste recipe? Hoping for your reply ???

  25. Covering a cake right now and am trying this.