How I Made Over $100,000 Selling Courses trực tuyến



In this video i share how i made over 6 figures selling courses trực tuyến and the two tools that i have used to help me.


0:00 Intro
0:30 How I Made Over $100,000 Selling Courses on Gumroad
3:15 Why Am I Showing You This?
4:54 Build An Audience And They Will Tell You What They Want
6:02 The Two Paid Tools I Use For Creating and Selling Courses
9:20 It All Comes Down To This!

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  1. Epic video Patrick! Would love to watch a video on how much you make per month including all of your Streams of income

  2. Great video.please make a in depth video about how you built huge traffic.

  3. Will I have to bleed when I make a book? Please tell me ???????

  4. Great video Paddy! I love this kind of video so, yes, definitely more please. 🙂 I was just wondering why you don't sell your courses through your own website and save the Gumroad cut if you're sending the bulk of the traffic yourself. Does Gumroad have any other advantages compared to a WordPress based course portal?

  5. You're the greatest…I love you bro

  6. So what you are saying is that if a lot of people ask for you to do mentoring then it will happen? lol I don't think I will ever do a course business because there really isn't a need for it when we have your training. Plus I already do training videos at my corporate job so for me that's enough training videos, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  7. do you think i can do the same also if I'm not native English speaking?

  8. Wonderful inspirational video
    Thank you paddy

  9. I'd love to see an indepth on how you do everything in the Vault. (I use Todoist and liked your upload that I watched today).

  10. Beautiful. And awesome for u. Thx for sharing !

  11. Aweosme are the best .. please do a detailed video on gumroad soon

  12. sell courses on how to sell courses

  13. Paddy, how do you edit your videos?

  14. Create a video about driving traffic to the Gumroad please.

  15. Hi thanks for the info as ever, can please I ask a v. quick question that’s been confusing me, on KDP the difference between notebooks and composition notebooks, should I put two copies of each notebook out one with the cover title notebook the other cover title composition notebook. Search wise do notebooks come up in composition searches (say for instance I was searching for a horse riding notebook) and the other way around ( horse riding composition notebook), Thanks,

  16. YOUR A BEAUTY Paddy, I was put off by these screen recorders. Your video just OPENED a new horizon! Cheers

  17. Thanks for your video. One thing I am really disappointed in general is, almost all the "gurus" out there make a lot more money with courses and YouTube, not actual things they teach.
    It reminds me of people who got rich selling shovels, not people who look for gold. So at the end of day, it's better to learn the basics of things you want to promote, and try to sell the courses and make youtube channel. Some gurus make insane amount of money by just courses, and they actually don't do the things they teach at all. kind of funny.

  18. Is there any discount for courses at the moment to celebrate hitting that sales?

  19. More success to you and thank you for the tutorials.