How to Apply a Color Palette to Your Design – Tutorial

How do I use a color palette? How many colors should I use? How will I know if my colors look good together? Making a color palette is the first step, but knowing how to use it is something else.

In this video, Creative Director, Greg Gunn, shares a handy color trick known as the 60-30-10 rule. He’ll explain what the rule is and how you can use it to give balance to your color palette. By the end of this video, you will understand how to come up with your own color ratio and give your palette purpose and consistency, wherever it is used.

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  1. ? Want to learn more about color? Sign up for our color course —

  2. Great video! Shows why, what and how in a clear way in the right speed ?? Subscribed!

  3. This was soo good, I want to give you a big hug?

  4. Ben Affleck teaching colour palette

  5. Why is Jeff Dunham teaching me about colors

  6. Wooow thank you so much!

  7. Hello bro I'm a beginner level logo designer but I'm facing some issues which is making problems while designing. I'm using Adobe Illustrator Cc 18 + Photoshop Cc 18 now but it's 2021 and there is also 2021 versions already had been released too …. so which version of Adobe Photoshop+Illustrator will be best for me and graphics designer(Logo Designer) for better performance, optimization, stability, features ,I mean in overall .; like I use Dell Precision 5520 ((Os:Win10Pro || intel i5 7th gen HQ processor , clock speed base:2.50 & Max:3.09 || Ram 8GB ddr4 2133mhz || 256GB SSD , Core: 4 || GPU: Intel HD 630 4gb+ nVidia Quadro M1200 4gb total 8GBgfx || Display Res: 1920x1080p))
    So please suggest me which version of Adobe Photoshop+Illustrator should I use??

    Thank You

  8. Thank you for the tutorial. Recently, I have started using an AI-powered photo editing platform named autoRetouch. I am using the trial version. Creating a color palette is very easy on this platform.

  9. someone who is rich in knowledge is never stingy to share… ???

  10. I think it looks like a triadic harmony? 2:50

  11. oh it very good for me. I lost a ton of time about color.

  12. Good night
    Thank you very much I needed it
    My question is how do I apply it to Instagram, I put four squares in the same way and I repeat it always, for example, Instagram has three squares and I repeat the colors in the three above it, and so on … etc
    Or I put each color has a theme, I hope my question is clear

  13. "Let's take a look at why they all look so good together" Well, the poster is aggressive to my eyes, doesn't look good at all, looks like a 10years old drawing and no it doesn't look good and pleasant at all. Anyway final result is bad as your lighting studio setup but i 'll put a thumb up because i learned some good things

  14. I'm so sorry to say this. But I love the topic you are talking about. But that echoing audio is horrible! Makes it hard to listen to your video.

  15. LOL it's funny because the video color grading makes his skin yellow

  16. "That's true, me!" I need to talk like this lol.

  17. I enjoyed this thank you!

  18. how would you do this when using photos? like adding photos when you’ve got a set colour palette. it’s always a challenge for me ;;;; especially if i want to avoid just changing the colours to white + a monochromatic overlay, which isn’t always appropriate

  19. Great video, very informative. The only thing I ask is that you sound treat your recording, as the reverb is distracting – on the talking head clips. Alternatively, use a lav mic.

  20. When in the beginning I didn't see the problem with the color pallet I knew I was never going to get this

  21. He had worked in fukre(bollywood) movie

  22. How can you use three colors as primary ? ? ? isn't it should one color

  23. ah man, got baited, I thought Ben Affleck teaching us "How to Apply a Color Palette to Your Design"

  24. 10:48
    We want people to like… EEUUGHH! Look at that button!

  25. This is amazing, great trick, thank you!

  26. I'm just about to design my own website and have my own palettes. This video suggested to in the right time.

    Thank you and greeting from Jakarta Indonesia


  27. – "Intresting"
    A Colour Blind Person

  28. Those three colours were triads right?

  29. What is the Name of the Font that has been used in this video ?

  30. Thank you! Very informative and entertaining,

  31. What software was using

  32. Thank you so much foe this! I've been stuck trying to figure out how to apply an existing brand palette and this method really helped 🙂

  33. Greg is awesome. Totally enjoy the knowledge and wisdom he imparts, and the means by which it is delivered. Great insights and tips, with artful presentation. Thanks Greg! I plan to take your $149 course. A bargain at twice the price!!!

  34. Just loved man. It was awesome.

  35. "name this color combo"
    my brain: pansexual pride flag