How to blend photos| Canva Tutorial

Hey Guys,

Today I’ll show you using canva. You can enter your own custom dimensions to create banners, tshirts, magazine covers and so much more! If you like the video and learn something new please give the video a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching


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  1. Cant use the transparency tool to print on shirts. so theres got to be another way

  2. Awesome video! Thx so much!!

  3. That came out Beautiful ??, I use canva but I wasn't sure if I wanted to purchase Pro, but now that I see how much more can be done I think I will get it. Do you have a referral code ? Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I would of put the first one in the back

  5. This seems like a lot of work ???

  6. HI THANK you, I have tried so many channels then came across yours, you explain each steps so easily and after a week of frustration, and time lapse videos. I finally get it. new sub here thanks for keeping it simple. God bless.

  7. Beautiful can you show us how to design a party backdrop in canva please?

  8. Thank you – this was super helpful!

  9. Thank you – have a nice day !

  10. Love it! Beautiful pictures. I am glad that I came across your canva videos. I am learning a lot. I don't know why you look so familiar to me.

  11. How could I use a letter and have the pictures in the inside of the letter

  12. First let me say happy belated birthday ?Girl this is a whole hit I think I need to upgrade to Canva Pro. Loved your design, beautiful ❤

  13. I loved this video. You giving us design tips while you’re making it. It’s like you right there helping me. I was so involved I said bless you when you sneezed lol ?

  14. Turned out beautifully and thanks for sharing this. I was just trying to create something similar and became frustrated because I didn't know how to do it. Not anymore. You just taught me. Thanks!!!!!

  15. Thank you, I loved you video. I'm new to Canva, I have the app and I don't really know how to use it. Your voice is so smooth and I love the way you take your time to explain every detail. I've been trying every so often to teach myself Photoshop, but it's very overwhelming for me. I'm thinking Canva might be just the right program for me, it seems so much simpler and easier. I will definitely have to get the paid version because it looks like you have better access to all the features. I have subscribed and will be looking forward to any and all your videos so please keep sharing with us.

  16. You just made my life a 100 times easier ?

  17. How much is the canvas software?

  18. Is it possible to blend two photos side by side without removing the background on Canva?

  19. how much is the pro

  20. Beautiful picture. Thanks for the training.

  21. I've had Canva for a year. Glad you are doing these classes. It helps alot. Wish I had known a year ago. This is a great class. Thank you.

  22. Hey can u do a all over adult cricuit shirt or do u know how to slice the pic for the smaller printer

  23. Great tutorial! TFS!

  24. Great video! Easy to follow!

  25. So happy you are sharing about Canva

  26. Your hair looks amazing!!! Thank you for your awesome videos.

  27. Thank you!! Pulled things together for me.

  28. I love your videos????