How To Brand Your Zoom Virtual Background (Canva Tutorial)

You may already know that you can change your virtual background in Zoom. But did you also know that you can brand your backdrop using your Canva skills? This tutorial shows you how to brand your background and add it to zoom. Note: This feature may not be available in the không tính tiền version of Zoom, I am using the Pro version is this video.

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  1. I like your voice and thanks for these ideas too!❤

  2. Girl this was great! BTW we have the same last name 🙂

  3. I love those BEHR backgrounds

  4. This was PERFECT and exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  5. Is there a way to just add a company logo to the corner of the screen?

  6. Hey love you need a green screen in the back

  7. This Video is Game-Changher. Embarrassed to say, but I've een using Zoom for years and it never occurred to me I could control my background–despite having the need to. Duh! –Dr. Shane

  8. Thank you for this!! Great information!!

  9. thank you for this. this is great. question. does this work with the Free subscription of Zoom or do you have to pay monthly for this feature?

  10. Thanks so much Jai. This video helped a lot. Appreciate you and your time.

  11. Thank so much for sharing! Did you do this on an iPad because it doesn't allow me to download the Zoom app on my MacBook. So I'm unable to access Virtual Background via my basic Zoom account site login.

  12. This is a great video. To the point and easy to follow. Thanks!

  13. Thank you for sharing *New Follower*

  14. This is great sharing with my network now! Thanks Jai!

  15. Soooo helpful! Thank you.

  16. That was totally cool!

  17. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Will try for my 9:00 am Zoom meeting today. #PutInTheWork