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In today’s video, I will be covering how to build an email list with 6 easy steps. If you’re struggling with or then this is the perfect video for you. I will be showing you an email marketing for beginners tutorial. Enjoy!

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How to create an opt-in form

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    Links mentioned in the video:
    How to create an opt-in form

  2. As always great information, concise and to the point. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the tips and email service providers recommendation. There are so many to choose from. Tip #5 was ? with a great list of ways to promote. I can't wait for your step by step email course! I just want to collect emails direct from social media to my lead magnets and offer discounts on my service packages.

  4. What kind of email address should I use. I have Gmail now.

  5. I dropped mail chimp once Shopify integrated their own email marketing and I love it and it’s cheaper!

  6. Thanks for the video Nancy. I have done all the steps… yet my list is not growing… I promote my lead magnet (a discount to my Etsy shop) on IG, FB, YT, and on my Etsy shop… but have so few people sign up… any tips?

  7. Email marketing can help skyrocket sales for sure! Thx for sharing..

  8. Thank you Nancy! Is there a way to know if your emails are going directly to peoples spam folders? ?

  9. Very informative! Thank you Nancy! ??

  10. Hi, does your teachable course have a step by step tutorial for building an email list for your Etsy shop?