How to Create a Composition Notebook Cover in Canva ? Q3 KDP Niche | No-Content Book Publishing

Wondering how to create a composition notebook cover in Canva for ? This no-content book publishing video featuring a popular back-to-school Q3 KDP niche shares a simple tutorial plus downloadable resources to help you make money with print-on-demand platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. In this , you will learn how to make a notebook in Canva that has the potential to help you earn royalties, especially during the back-to-school season when students are shopping for supplies!

☆ 7.5″x9.25″ COVER Template in Canva –
☆ 7.5″x9.25″ INTERIOR PDFs (Wide & College Rule) –


0:25 Who are Composition Notebooks for?
1:01 Intro
1:15 Composition Notebook Sizing
2:15 Cover Size Calculations
3:57 Cover Ideas
5:30 Creating in Canva
8:43 không tính tiền Composition Notebook Interiors
9:35 Outro

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  1. Very helpfull, Thank you very much. I have been looking for such a video. I am so gratefull

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    2. That your spine in black colours is that the actual side perhaps you didn't how to measure those clearances using canva

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  4. Just started following you and glad I stumbled upon your channel! Thank you very much for your tutorials, especially with the composition notebook; they have been very helpful. I love that you speak slowly and don't leave any details out. Will continue to follow you and wish you much success with your channel!

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  7. Good video and so easy to follow. Thanks for your help!

  8. Great info! I'm assuming you can write your name on the front of composition notebooks with a pen or marker? I'm assuming you'd have to choose the matte option. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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  12. If the background colour is transparent you can see the barcode image – is that OK, or will it print as seen, therefore I need to make the colour stronger? Thanks

  13. Helpful video, thank you. Could you clarify what defines a composition notebook? I am creating a wide ruled interior with no margin, and the lines go right to the edges (8.5 x 11) – does this still qualify as composition notebook paper or does it have to have a margin and particular size?

  14. Your videos are very helpful.
    You will soon blowup as a YouTuber