How to Create a GLOWING OUTLINE around your Photos in Canva

Bring your photos to the next level and be ready to shine bright! In this easy 6-steps Canva video tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily add a glowing effect around your photos using the Duotone effect (available for all users, both Canva không tính tiền and ), so you achieve visuals that are more attractive than ever. Boost your creativity and stand out with unique-looking designs!
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  1. ?How did this glowing outline trick work for you? Are you happy with the result? Is there anything else you’re trying to do with Canva and that we could help you with? Tell us about it in the comments! ??

  2. Wow a youtuber that’s actually trying to help people out- I subbed. You went as far as mentioning removebg which is super helpful for those who don’t have Canva pro. You even mentioned it won’t be high res, thank you so much for actually being helpful!?

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  10. Please also provide for mobile just like you did for mac

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  12. Very useful tutorial, thank you. Subscribed! Oddly, I don't see a "duplicate" button in my Canva though I am able to just copy/paste so it works.

  13. Hey, I have a pro account, but I do not have ANY of those options under effect. All I have is the background remover and photogenic. I dont have the duo tone, color mix Bad TV and I cant scroll down to add them. How do I get them????

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  16. If your on mobile look up eraser on the App Store then click Download! It'll let you remove the background for free I hope this helped you if you can't pay for it 🙂

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  33. what about to elements ? in canva i want to put a showdown but idk how

  34. I'm trying to add this glow effect to elements (arrow to be precise). Is it at all possible? The buttons don't appear sadly…

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