How to Create a Typing Effect in Canva | Canva Video Animation Tutorial


If you are looking for a fun animated video effect in Canva this is a great option. In this video I will show you how to create a typing effect in Canva so you can add an extra graphic element to your next video.

Canva’s typing effect does take a bit of time but it will all be worth it in the end once you learn how to creating a typing effect in Canva because you can use this typing effect to add some variety to your videos with this simple trick.

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  1. Thank you, Jenna Fischer for making this tutorial! ?

  2. Hey, how to make lines appear one by one in Canva

  3. Thank you so so so much.

  4. there is actually a typewriter text animation in canva pro, if anyone is using the pro version.

  5. This is a good tutorial, but how is there not a quicker way to do this in Canva? I found something Canva can do, but it does not do very well, it's a first lol.

  6. I love it. It helps me a lot. thank you for your vlog tutorial ?

  7. It's really tricky. I didn't know about it. Thanks and Best of Luck ?

  8. Thank you for sharing… its really helpful..

  9. This was really helpful. Thank you!

  10. So helpful ✨Love your set up!

  11. Really helpful. Thank you!

  12. I like you, so pretty smart and sweet.

  13. Thanks. very interesting one.

  14. Thanks a lot! Do you know to add numbers on pages automatically??

  15. Good tips, I use a lot canva. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I use canva a lot and didn't even know about this feature! great tutorial!

  17. Really helpful tutorial! Thank you!

  18. Ida, I always look forward to your videos! I've done variations of this on Canva but it was much harder because I didn't know these tricks! amazing. Thank you!

  19. Loved your video! I use Canva too so this is definitely a great trick I learned!

  20. You always provide great value. Thanks for putting your expertise out there!