How to Create a VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD for không lấy phí | Canva Tutorial

Use this link to start designing your không lấy phí virtual on Canva.

Learn how to make a virtual business card for không lấy phí using Canva and scannable QR code.
Spend your days AT HOME doing something productive for your business, side hustle, job, speed-dating, or whatever you need business cards for nowadays! Use this tutorial to create a không lấy phí, modern, in minutes. Enjoy!

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How to turn your WIFI password into a QR code for easy sharing

How to make a digital VISION BOARD on Canva

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  1. A better solution is to create a vCard, upload it somewhere and link to it via QR code. That way, your contact details get automatically added to the respondents address book.

  2. Thanks So much for this! Going to be so helpful for me and I can provide it as a service to others!

  3. That was an awesome presentation! Thank you so much. I am subscribing to you as of right now 🙂

  4. just saw the thumbs down… I can't figure out how anyone, unless they were jealous or an idiot would do that. FYI: My marketing media clients: Coke, IBM, Seagram…

  5. Wonderful… clear, easy to follow… i subscribed… will pass your name on! KUDOOOOs!!

  6. Thanks Brittany!!! About to get on it!

  7. Hi, really helped me a lot. I just have a question, if you save the card as a website in order for the person to open the card as a website (card only) and it opens on the other person's phone in the browser, how do they save the image(card) for future uses.

  8. I was having a discussion about digital cards and hadn't made one yet. The teacher is in you. You made it simple and easy. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this! I created my virtual business card for my real estate business! You’re amazing!

  10. Thank you for the video. You were spot on with everything I created a really nice digital business card in 15 minutes.

  11. Where is your Twin Sister !!!

  12. That’s dope! Or are you a twin?! ??

  13. Can these be air dropped as well?

  14. Love your video! It's simple with clear directions and best of all, no nonsense!

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  16. This is so brilliant. I have a question. Is there a way to update these so that anyone who already has the QR code gets the updated version when they scan it?

  17. Hi Brittany,
    I have just come across your Youtube channel this vlog was entitled — How to Create a VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD for FREE | Canva Tutorial — which I thought was absolutely Brilliant thank you so much for sharing it with us, I will also check out the rest of your vlogs and if they are as great as this one I will be a regular subscriber to your Youtube channel

  18. Wow! Thanks mammii ❤️

  19. This is AWESOME – SO WELL PRESENTED! Thank you so much!

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  22. tks! omg I'm in love with you ?… now what?! with clear respect… ?

  23. Thank you. Your awesome. I just added this to my toolbox ☺️

  24. If someone scans the QR code and it takes them to the web address, how can they save the image to their contacts?

  25. intelligent aspect

  26. Great video walking thru the steps on creating virtual business cards.

  27. HI. there .. thank you sharing.. but i want to one option. after customer scan QR code of V-card they should be able to SAVE contact direcrly into their Iphone is it possible? please let me know. thanks. Briittany

  28. You're seriously funny (& very creative). I couldn't help but subbed and belled on auto mode.

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  30. hi! is there a way for the recipient once they scan your QR code and your business cards comes up to save your contact information to the contacts in their phone?

  31. Amazing.. and your presentation is so lovely ?

  32. hello, Brittany thank you so much for sharing such wonderful information. already subscribed to the channel…

  33. Excellent presentation.

  34. Ok, I need your help. I watched the video 3 times and did it step by step and when I take a picture of it with my phone it won't recognize the QR code. Any advice?

  35. Great video! I was considering this awhile ago but I think im going to make one ??

  36. Sorry But I'm not gonna lie. You one beautiful graphic designer.

  37. im in awe instant subscribe

  38. Thank you, I really appreciate this helpful video and will get my biz card virtual asap

  39. I recommend you always leave a white border around the QR Code, they become difficult to read when there are other colors touching the black and white pixels of the QR Code, so leaving a white border around them fixes this problem, the ideal size is 1 pixel(measured in relation to the size of the black pixels of the QR Code), nice tutorial .-.

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  41. Wow this is very helpful

  42. Wow, Thankyou very much for the tutorial, I managed to re-create my paper Vistaprint card, quicker than designing the original but this time "virtual" with an animated .gif and also clickable links for web, email and telephone

  43. Thank you this is awesome! Question, how do I save my card & link, I lost my work because I closed out too soon. A tip I found is we can hit the "lock" icon to prevent any card design changes 100%