How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners | miễn phí COURSE 2021

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In this video, I’m showing you how to make an in 2021 to start making money from home. This is a FULL step by step tutorial that will take you from knowing NOTHING to having the tools to make thousands a month in passive income.

I currently make about $30,000 to $35,000 per month (99% profit) from my own affiliate marketing, and I’m just saying this to show you I’m a relatively successful affiliate marketer with skin in the game. This is my favorite income source as it is passive and really allows me to travel the world and work from my laptop. I don’t sell courses about affiliate marketing – all my content on the subject is 100% miễn phí 🙂 If you would like to support the channel, you can use my links to sign up for web hosting and follow along with this video.

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I’ll teach you everything I know about making a successful affiliate marketing website in 2021 – this complete tutorial will take you through each step and give you my tips and tricks for optimizing your website and getting ranked. We’ll also go through how you can find affiliates to work with. The course is a mixture of slides as well as a complete walkthrough of setting up and building your website. I really hope you all find a ton of value from the video!

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Additional Resources:

Upgrade to Elementor Pro:

Affiliate networks to join:
Commission Junction:
Share a Sale:


0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – My Background
1:01 – What we will cover
2:12 – How much money is there to be made
2:50 – What is affiliate marketing?
3:51 – Examples of affiliate marketing
4:13 – Impact Radius
6:33 – What is an affiliate marketing website?
9:00 – Examples of successful affiliate websites
11:16 – What will you need to get started
12:50 – Walkthough of building a website using Hostinger
15:15 – Claiming your domain
16:36 – Templates
17:32 – Website dashboard
19:22 – Editing your Homepage
29:30 – Easy things to do to optimize your site
29:35 – .io vs .co vs .com
30:14 – Adding SSL
30:42 – WordPress plugins
31:20 – Elementor
31:40 – YOAST SEO
32:33 – Jetpack
32:59 – Pretty Links
33:51 – Having an XML Sitemap
34:29 – Easy tips to boost your ranking
35:54 – Ethics of affiliate marketing
36:34 – Ways to promote affiliate products
38:59 – Actionable steps
41:10 – Closing

Cheers to building new income streams 🙂


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  1. Start here:
    Use code CHARLIE for an additional 7% off discount at checkout for annual plans (exclusive for my viewers)
    Hope you find this video extremely helpful – and wishing you all success with your affiliate marketing websites!

  2. Affiliate marketing is surely a way to defeat former employers who wrongfully terminate you.

  3. If you don't mind I give my jvzoo link to your followers give a permission thank you…

  4. Great video helped a lot.

  5. great and powerful website hosting platform. Say that 3 times fast. Lolol

  6. If you followed this man's investing advice in 2020 you would have over 100 % roi. Im glued

  7. Awesome video, Charlie! I’m currently trying to build an audience with my YT channel so this will be super helpful in creating another income source!

  8. I'm kind of trolling my own sanity, seems like over thinking, for unpredictability. Promo codes and sponsors are major in this stage of success.

  9. I'm not planning on doing affiliate marketing, but it's great to know. I'm more of supply and demand , flea market sales, repairs and reselling.

    Doing affiliate stuff you can do more with stock investing.

    Influencer affiliate stocks. Stocks are a rare breed. People can get into stocks at a young age to pay for college.

  10. Just wondering. So you're paying for Hostinger to…. Host your website? And elementor is a plugin that you can also pay for? If i understand correctly?

  11. Nice tutorial. However, I noticed that Jetpack is slowing down websites. I tried it on multiple websites and the same results. Plus it often makes conflicts with other plugins, so I would be careful using it.