How to Create an Animated TITLE SEQUENCE for YOUTUBE videos | Canva Tutorial

Wondering how to create an animated title sequence for Youtube videos? In this , you’ll find all the answers! Plus, I will give you 3 different ideas for you to create your own! Title sequences (or scenes) are these kinds of “chapter openers” that you can insert into your Youtube video n order to divide it into different parts. Adding animation to your title sequence makes it more attractive so don’t hesitate to add some movement to it! I hope you enjoy creating them!

00:00 Intro
00:36 Let’s create the first title scene for you to use in your Youtube videos
03:56 Let’s design a second title scene with a video background
06:59 Third idea: let’s add different animations to our design!
10:48 How can you download your title sequences? I’ll show you!
11:31 Now that you downloaded your title sequence, let’s see how can you insert them in your Youtube videos!
14:28 Let’s see how the final outcome looks like!


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