How to create an open rectangle frame with Canva

It’s easy to create a rectangle frame, but what about an ?

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Canva is a powerful and không tính phí design tool that everybody can use to create beautiful visuals.
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With this channel, I want to introduce Canva to as many people as possible and teach them how to use it to design professional visuals and graphics to build their personal brand or grow their business.

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  1. le bon accent français hahahhahahah

  2. So Canva actually has 'Frames' that are much easier to use than how you describe it now. Not sure if they were around back when you made this, but the way to do this today, is to search for 'frame' in the top left. You get all these shapes with an image of a grassland with some clouds. That's actually a placeholder image 😉 Simply drop the frame on your design, then drop the image you want to show instead of the placeholder on top of it. It'll replace and boom. Framed image. SO easy 🙂

  3. Canva's display of elements is a total mess. They usually show you all the premium stuff that you can pay for, but the common elements (like the one in your example) are hidden well, to make your life harder. So, if you are an unexperienced user, you'll most likely not waste your time with those, but rather pay for some designs which are already done.

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