How to Create ANIMATED GIFS with CANVA

In this video tutorial, Ronny shows you how to create engaging animated GIFs with Canva (available for users) and how to insert them in an email that you can send to your clients. He’ll give you tips that will help you create catchy GIFS in an easy, professional and efficient way. Did you know that GIFS are 2x more shared on social media than regular photos? You can post them as well! Make the most of your Canva designs, grab your audience’s attention with great-looking animated GIFS.
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  1. ?How did this work out for you? Have animated GIFs also proven to be great communication tools for you too? Is there anything else you’re trying to do with Canva and that we could help you with? Let
    us know in the comments! ??

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  6. Or you can simply use EzGIF ?

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  8. Excellent. I love this! Thanks so much. Have you done a tutorial showing how to do the quick ‘like, subscribe, tap bell’ gif? That would be so helpful to me as I’m still so slow at all this. I’d like to see a tutorial of gif done on a green screen so I can put it in the lower left of my YouTube tutorials. Or is there one already made within canva?

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  19. I made a gif/animation, and saved it to my iPhone camera roll. I am trying to upload it to social media from my camera roll, but only the background image is loading. No text no photos. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  20. Going to try this out tomorrow! Thank you!

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  30. Thankyou. This was helpful. Do we have this feature in the phone app version as well of Canva for work?

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