How To Create Book Mockup In Canva – NO PHOTOSHOP NEEDED!

This video show how to mock up book cover page in Canva.
Either you need a mock up for your ebook or workbook, this video is for you ❤

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  1. Very helpful! Thanks ??

  2. I guess THIS OPTION not available any more

  3. What is the size of the background?

  4. Thank you so much…. It was the best I watched and put to practice immediately..

  5. Thanks. This was super helpful!

  6. You’re the best!

  7. Man her channel underrated af? let’s subscribe

  8. what happens if I already did a book cover in illustrator or photoshop and want to use the mockups in this website?

  9. hiç biri ücretsiz değil hepsi paralı
    burada sadece reklam amaçlı ücretsiz gösteriyor
    yalan inanmayın
    bunlar sahtekar

  10. your name just like me XD, I'm gonna subscribed

  11. thanks for amazing tutorials

  12. I would like more explicit instructions. NOT a tutorial for newbies.

  13. Wow! One of the best tutorials out there. I didn’t even know you could do that in canva.

  14. Great tutorial Reina! Just what I need now for my Ebook Recipe