How to Create Canva Templates to Sell on Etsy | Passive Income trực tuyến with Digital Products

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Learn the process I use to create and share Canva templates for my Etsy shop. In this video, I show you how to create a Canva template (to sell), access the sharable link and then create a PDF deliverable that you can automatically send to your customers after they make a purchase.

In order to sell Canva templates, you will need access to a Canva Pro tài khoản.

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  1. The Passive Income with Canva Course is NOW OPEN ? You can learn more or sign up for the course by clicking the link below:

  2. How to get recognise on etsy? How long does it take to actually gain out first customer? Thanks for the great video

  3. hai! great video. Question, is there any different between canva pro and canva for education? because I'm using canva for education now. thankyou!

  4. Hi, please do I have to be on a Pro Subscription for my created template link to work?

    Or I can get on a Pro Subscription and create templates links that would be mine and active even if I stop being active on Canva?

  5. Hi, does it mean I can earn twice? In a sense that, I can sell my canva template on my website and then canva will also pay me for the buyer who used the template. Does it make sense?

  6. Thank you. This is helpful. Question, do you use the same Pinterest image to create mock-up pictures?

  7. Hello Alicia. Thank you very much for your kind reply. It did clarify and explain me, why you suggested using Etsy. I once watched a video, where I understood the seller (me) needs to pay Etsy in advance, before Etsy sends the bought item to, for example, Printful. If the item, of course, is not digital. If it is digital, like logos and thumbnails, the buyer just downloads the pic. I try not to be fussy, I just wish to avoid trips to the local post office, plenty of emails,
    and advance payments. I feel I´d rather be in the receiving end, at least while I am learning and starting something interesting I plan to keep doing for many years. Next I shall listen to
    your " Complete guide to Canva template tutorial" and hope to start with Etsy and Fiverr.
    Stay healthy.

  8. I've been binging your videos today, I've felt so inspired to start my digital product store on Etsy!!! Thanks for all your inspiration… store's name is FeminineDivineDesigns ….I'm just starting out, so there's a lot I'm unsure about!!

  9. An interesting video and plenty of good advice. One question: Why on Etsy ? On some print-on-demand online shops they do the work, while Etsy does not. Digital downloads will be downloaded by the buyer, but non-digital items on Etsy need to be packed and shipped by another company,- if I understood correctly. Being a beginner is a bit confusing.

  10. With the canva templates, is it one link per customer? Or can the link be used for multiple customers?

  11. Thank you for this! I have a pro account but when I apply the filter for free photos or elements, I still get results that say "free for Canva pro". So I still have to sift though and make sure the ones I choose say "free". How can I avoid this?

  12. Hi Alicia. Will it be okay to use Pro Elements on templates and then sell it off and send it to customers who do not have Canva Pro account? I heard that it will leave a watermark on the customer's side when they tried to edit it.
    Please advise. I'm a little confused myself about this part. Thanks Alicia.

  13. I am using Canva to last 6 years. I can say thank you so much for Encouraging people.. Great Work Alicia 🙂
    & Feel Free to Contact me if you have ever need any help 🙂

  14. I need Canva PRO to create my Etsy shop?

  15. Hi Alicia, I just want to know if in case you used your uploaded font on the template and not the free fonts on Cnva, if the customers will be able to see the uploaded fonts on the sold template or not? Or would you recommend to always use the free fonts on Canva? Thanks so much.

  16. Can we use our own uploaded fonts? I thought that customers can just highlight and edit but I want them to use my special fonts. Or should we ONLY be using free CANVA fonts? Thank you?!

  17. So would you just send them the pdf once you're notified they've made a purchase? Or how do you make it to where they receive it right after they purchase?

  18. Just wondering how you create a bundle? Is it just a collection of pages saved as one PDF file?

  19. Great Video – very helpful! Thank you

  20. This video has encouraged and motivated me to start my journey in graphic design and start making money from it. I'm only learning the basic of design so far, but I just want to say you did an amazing job with summarizing the etsy/canva design shop with this video and deserve alot more subscribers for such a well done tutorial! Again, thank you for the info ?

  21. Awesome and very informative. I can not wait to try this. Thanks

  22. Great video! Very clear explanations and examples. Thank you.

  23. Hi Alicia, I was sure to give this video a thumbs up– thank you for diving deep into this for us so we could have a better understanding! I do have one question. Do you think the PDF should be personalized for each product or should we create one template for it and use that for each listing instead?

  24. Hi…Love this video.One question.I am a Corjl user and looking to switch for Canva Pro.In Corjl I had to buy Corjl font pack.What about Canva Pro? Can I use Canva Pro fonts to sell templates?

  25. Thank you so much for this video. I am just wondering, could we use this process for other platforms as well?

  26. This is a wonderful and helpful tutorial. Thank you, Alicia!

  27. Wow, great tutorial! Thank you, Alicia.

  28. Hi Alicia. Thanx a lot for this very helpful video. Quick question: can I upload my own elements to create a template. Let's say for a logo. I don't want to use any of the Canva elements. So when i create a template with my own clipart and send this link to the customer, will he/ she be able to use it, or have access to these uploaded elements? Thanks again!

  29. Hi Alicia can you set a limit on the amount of times the customer can download the template in Canva? how do you prevent the customer from sharing the link with people?

  30. Thank u very much for this video, it was great!! ❤️?

  31. I don't understand. Why do people not go to Canva directly and edit a template they need that is already on Canva? Why would somebody buy an Etsy-Canva template when there are hundreds of free templates on Canva and Etsy shop is sending customer to Canva anyways? Please explain

  32. Awesome, very informative… Thanks.

  33. Did you register your Etsy shop as an LLC or you just posting listing as an hobby?

  34. Hi Alicia! Thanks for the video! It helps a lot! But what is the different between editable link and use as template?

  35. Hii. Is canva pro and canva for education(for teachers or students) are the same? Because I'm confused Is it okay to use canva education to sell on etsy?

  36. Hi! Thnx for your efforts….
    If we want to create more than one templates for a customer (let's say a bundle), do you suggest we add more pages to the first design? Or is there another way?

  37. Thank you so much!! This help me so much

  38. Hi Alicia, thanks for the video! Does the link open up a new template each time for each customer? Just wondering if one customer changes the template, does that affect the template on another customer’s end? Thanks again!