How To Create Canva Templates To Sell trực tuyến as Digital Products

In this video, you will learn HOW TO CREATE CANVA TEMPLATES TO SELL trực tuyến. Canva allows you to create digital products to sell trực tuyến using its “share as template” option. So if you have been wanting to know what digital products to sell trực tuyến watch this video as I’ll run through some ideas as well as walk you through the steps to sharing and selling your Canva Templates.

UPDATE: March 2020 – ALL users (không tính tiền + paid) can now “Share as template”. This is great news!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Prerequisite – Canva Pro tài khoản Required
01:00 – What are Canva Templates?
01:52 – How to get started with creating Canva Templates
02:25 – Read Canva’s Terms & Agreements
02:32 – Recommended Canva tutorials to watch
03:50 – How to share and prepare your Canva Templates for sale
09:13 – Next steps to selling your Canva Templates
09:44 – Two platforms for quickly selling your Canva digital product templates
09:53 – Advanced platforms for selling your templates
09:58 – How to host your digital product using Dropbox

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  1. I found the video really helpful and also a valuable guide. For instance, I am selling templates using canva shareable link in pdf form but in the product photo I display it includes canva's free image and the font and all. Is it legal to do that?

  2. Hello, I would need to track how many people use a link, I cannot find that option

  3. hello,i'm hoping you could help me, i wanna make one of those phone comparison templates but i can't seem to figure it out

  4. Can i create template using canva free account to sell

  5. hey!
    I don't have laptop, can i outsource from mobile?
    it's possible?

  6. So even after creating a template from scrap you can only sell to canva users only?
    And you can't sell to others outside the canva community of users? Then what good is it for. If you wanna sell to outsiders random people.

  7. can we create and sell to customers printables as wall hanging or background for products or stencil using canva free?

  8. Hi Aurelius, thank you for this great explanation. I have a question; how do you prevent access to Canva links by more than one person? For instance, you send pdf document with links to your client, what if he/she shares the pdf document with his/her friend? Will third parties be able to edit your templates?

  9. Do I have to change the link for each customer?

  10. Thank you for that. Does the customer need a Canva Pro account to edit or just me?

  11. I have a free canva account but i can share link as template without having pro account! its weird cuz i dont see the crown thing near that but i see that my account is free. How is that? Did canva make it free?

  12. How do I ensure that my customers don't have to pay for pro elements I've already purchased to create the template?

  13. Thank you so much for sharing how to share the templates! It helps a lot

  14. wow thank you. so easy

  15. Very good information sir ji thanks ?????????
    ?? welcome??

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  17. Thanks a lot, your excellent explanation makes it sound much easier!

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    That's how you see someone who know what he is talking about

  20. Thank you soo much for sharing your valuable and precious time through how to make template via canva

  21. Hi! thank you so much. I have a question, can i sell a template designed in canva pro to someone do not have Canva Pro? i mean…the person will be aneble to edit de template and download it?

  22. Once you sell a design do you need still need a Canva Pro account for a client to continually access, or does the client own once they download

  23. What is a source file for canva to sell on fiverr?

  24. I'm a free canva user .Can I sell on fiverr just the jpeg or png downloaded file without sharing any link to my customer??? and thank you for this video .

  25. What if somebody share this to another person?

  26. Hi Aurelius,
    Can I legally sell the templates if I am using Free Elements (including Illustrations) and Free Stock Images/Photos in my template design? I see that many people on Etsy (who sell Canva Templates) say that photos shown in the template designs are only for promotional purposes and not included in the design. However, I would like to sell the designs with the photos and illustrations, if it is legal. Kindly suggest the correct route.

  27. Can you sell templates created from scratch but use Canva free elements like shapes: squares and lines etc? I thought commercial purposes were not allowed on the free licensing.

  28. Wow, what an excellent video with great tips… thank you and congratulations!

  29. What is the difference between just "share as a template" and publish your file, then share. Do I need to "publish" the file before sharing it? Do these steps any difference? If you could help me with this, that would be great.

  30. Thanks for making this video ????

  31. Thank you for following you from Saudi Arabia

  32. Great tutorial, Aurelius Tjin, Thank you. Just a quick question, if I am planning to sell a pack of 50 of Instagram Post template, so it should be 50 links in that pdf print? or can I just copy the link to that folder? I created the template in a folder of 50 template. Is it possible?

  33. If I make design with free design of canvas and change them, edit them and make a pdf file and jpg file then Can I sell them ?

  34. question: I have created Canva templates but need more space to upload assets. If I delete some assets, will they still be part of the templates I am currently selling and have already created? I looked it up but couldn't fin a straight answer. I come to you for tips and learning to do it all so figure I would ask you.

  35. This is amazing value! Thank you so much!

  36. Does anyone know how to make a template that can be shown on the templates section for other people to use ?

  37. This was so helpful.Thank you so much for sharing. New subscriber!!:)

  38. Just making sure. To share template with other users, you and them both have to have the pro version?

  39. How do you make sure that once the link is shared they can't share the link with someone else?

  40. Excellent video! I have a pro account. I’ve learned something new! Thank you.

  41. Great video. The problem for me is not idea or who to create, but that have no following. So wonder if its worth stat a template business if I have no blog, social media or anything.

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