How To Create Custom Type Designs in Adobe Illustrator

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In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a custom typography design. Usually text styles like this would be lettered by hand, but in this tutorial I’ll share some secrets on how you can still create cool looking typography by customising ready-made fonts with clever OpenType features. The tutorial will then continue with some customisation of the type to add shadows, offset accents and highlights to create a bright and colourful text effect.

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► Bonbon Script Font:
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  1. How do i get the toolbar on the right to look like yours?

  2. okay this is waaayyy to quick, literally impossible to follow.

  3. Mans says he's a noob but I was barely keeping up, but all in all you're a BAD MAN. Respect

  4. 4:18 after go to simplify . . . if you want to make it a patch you will be crazy the machine!

  5. Much too fast – slowing it down doesn't seem to make the instruction clearer.

  6. Wat kind of font is dat?

  7. Could someone please tell me what is the name of this typepface

  8. خلفيات جميلة للتحميل اضغط :
    Download photo:

  9. My open type panel is not working !! I cant change the style of my text there !! any possible solution ???

  10. This seems so simple but difficult at the same time, appreciate it regardless?❤

  11. Great tutorial….. and yes…. too fast! I'm stuck at 3:20 – I'm using Illustrator 2021 and when I right-click, I don't have an option to ungroup. Anyone know what to do at this point?

  12. I failed to follow along….I'll try again

  13. damn it's definitely much harder than photoshop

  14. your voice tone smiler of will paterson. I think you same guy

  15. Right click won’t let me creatoutline

  16. Good video just a little to fast for me…

  17. What computer do you use and what version of illustrator do you use?

  18. When I do the offset path 10 px it gives a blacked out effect over my lettering why?

  19. Nice tutorial but you are going way too fast.

  20. Great tutorial. The highlight seems a bit of? At least in graffiti, you mostly do highlights on the opposite side of the shadow or 3d. Or a chosen light source.

  21. Us mere mortals have learned from this ancient artifact, thank you.

  22. Jesus…can you go any faster??? LoL. I had to pause 50 times & lose the flow. Then you put captioning up for .005 secs…LoL.
    Great info, just work on your delivery….unless you put in the title “talking fast…keep up”. Ha

  23. Can you make the word SCRUNCH CRUNCH in a fabric effect?

  24. it’s hard for me because i’m using the 2021 illustrator & all of the tabs are not positioned in the same area as the illustrator you’re using

  25. interesting and helpful….thanks for sharing