How To Create Editable Digital Products To Sell On Etsy Using Canva | Nancy Badillo

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How To Create Editable Digital Products To Using Canva | Nancy Badillo

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  1. ? Do you know EXACTLY what steps need to be taken to start, manage, and scale your Etsy shop to a full-time income? Let me help you, learn more here:

  2. Great info yes yes more more thank you

  3. What's to stop people from just going to Canva on their own to create since you can have free Canva account? ( I have pro version) But Canva is so easy..

  4. So Can the edit the whole file? Is there a way to limit what they can order?

  5. Hi
    Can you tell me the difference between digital printables, digital downloads and editable files mean?

  6. Thank you. I have not logged into my course yet. In order for anything to edited on Canva, it needs to be on Canva Pro?

  7. Im a new subscriber by the way ?

  8. Thank you for this information. Im looking forward to create my own digital business too. Are we allowed to use the free images and fonts in Canva, and sell digital templates in Etsy? I heard there are items not allowed for commercial use.

  9. What if one of my customers change the design on the editable file completely which make other customers unable to edit on the original design?

  10. Que sucede cuando vendes el mismo producto editable a varias personas? Acceden todas al mismo enlace y por lo tanto al mismo documento o hay que crear una copia distinta para cada venta? Gracias.

  11. When someone visits the link to edit, does it edit it permanently in the original file? If one client makes the edits for their birthday party invite, let's say, will that change across anyone else who visits that link? Thank you!

  12. hello nancy, I want to ask you can we use any clipart,? we dont create it but can we use it? Do etsy approve this? thank you

  13. Can Customer Edit by self without Canva??

  14. How or how much do you charge for an editable template like this?

  15. Thank you! I think I left this question on one of your videos ? question so after every purchase – how does the next person get a fresh file so the previous buyer isn’t in their editing the file

  16. Hi Nancy! Do you have a video about the things you need to have or to do before opening an Etsy Digital Shop? Thank you so much! Stay safe! ❤

  17. This was excellent, thank you so much

  18. I swear I love you so much already! I will start selling digital products on Etsy and once it becomes successful, I will forever be grateful for you!

  19. @nancybadillo when I share something as a template from Canva, can they edit anything on it? And if I put a lock on some of the graphics, does it stay there for whoever I share it with?

  20. Thank you so much for the great video! While customers would not be able to 'edit' the clipart in the sense that they can’t change the colors. I assume customers would be able to resize and re-position the clipart? And most importantly, would they be able copy the clipart and use them for other projects? Thank you.

  21. when you create another file in your folder and share with your customer, will the customer see your click art and such?

  22. Does the customer ever complain that they could do this by themselves (after editing in Canva) instead of buying it?

  23. Great video! My question is, when this link is shared with the customer, do they have access to this design only or will this end up giving them access to all of my designs?

  24. Such a insightful and direct to the point video! Thanks for making it 🙂

  25. Thank you so much. I appreciate this!

  26. But if we would like to sell our wedding invitation templates on etsy from canva we cannot using png format right, because the resolution is low, do u mind to share the idea how to do that using high resolution? love to wait your response. thanks in advance

  27. Hi Nancy! Thank you very much for this video. I actually watched months ago but at the time I wasn't offering anything to be edited so I've come back today.
    The only thing I was wondering is if it's possible to only allow the client to touch the text for instance? I also noticed that then when the first client edits the template, then the link remains with those changes so when the next client clicks the link, it might already be a completely different product… Any thoughts and advise on that please? ??

  28. thankyou for your video 🙂 does the customer have to have a pro account to access and edit the file?

  29. best explanation ever!!! Thank you so much!!!

  30. Can we use editable link on canva (free version)?

  31. I don't know if you'll see this, but I have a question. If you make a PDF document and paste the link to the file you want to sell on it. Does this link give every person their own copy of the file, or if another customer were to make a change, would the next customer see it?

  32. Hey Nancy great video. Just wondering if i have a copied link which i share with multiple customers won't all those customers be editing the same file as they will have the same link?

  33. wonderful video thank you so much

  34. Can you show us how to make the PDF file ? I always see cute custom PDF files when I buy digital