How to Create Instagram Carousel with Canva and Inshot | Canva tutorial

In this video, I will show you how to create using Canva and Inshot.
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with only Canva | Canva tutorial

How to make INSTAGRAM CAROUSEL with your PHONE | Instagram Carousel Tutorial

How To Use Canva For BEGINNERS! [Canva Tutorial 2020]

Best không tính tiền Resources For Design 2020 | Designing Instagram Carousel | DanEdits


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  1. This is simple and the to understand. But you used the premium version of Canva right?

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    Very helpful

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  9. I was searching for an easy way like this and I am happy it's done.

  10. How do you use this when you have more than one slide? Cause you can't really crop in the middle while guessing…

  11. OMG THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! I absolutely love how straightforward you are and this clearly shows the step by step approach…Thanks mate

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  13. Thanks for the video. Please help. How did you get the animated images. I have always wanted them.

  14. Simple, straightforward and comprehensive…

    Unlike a couple of videos that made me doubt my intelligence ???

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  22. Халява Thank you for 30 days premium

    USE THIS TOOL IF YOU GUYS WANT TO SPLIT THE DESIGN INTO SLIDES. Ensure you provide the correct input numbers before you split. Easy tool for Instagram users

  24. Your so efficient!!! Thank you for making it easy to understand. Really amazing

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  27. brother how to save the photo without any payment? I did my own logo but still, it asks for a payment to download it

  28. So that’s how it’s done?

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    Keep teaching!