How to CREATE Instagram REELS with Canva

In this video Claire will guide you through some easy steps to create Instagram Reels with Canva.

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Claire is one of our beloved Canva Certified Creatives (CCC) from the UK.

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial, it was really helpful

  2. Lots of information. I appreciate the learning opportunity you have given here, however in some parts I find the explanations are a little too fast. Can I ask How do you change the existing video's you have taken on your phone and change the format to comply with canva? I have video's in my google drive, however a little reluctant to share my whole folder. Appreciate your feedback thankyou.

  3. I have not seen many tutorial reels on my instagram feed do they do well compared to all the memes, dogs, babies and people being funny?

  4. Great tutorial, reels can be up to 60 seconds now. I wish we could post reels directly from Canva ?