How to Create NFT Art With Canva (NFT Trading Card Tutorial)

If you want to create your own NFT art then you’re in the right place my friend, because in this video I’ll show you how to create your very own NFT trading card with Canva. So, stick around as we get down and dirty!

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11 thoughts on “How to Create NFT Art With Canva (NFT Trading Card Tutorial)

  1. UBMD

    Have any questions about this tutorial? Then comment down below.

  2. Gammon Creations

    Helpful video mate, appreciate it. 1 question, the LOCATION 7.91315… How do you establish this number? Is it given in regards to the point in the Ether network?

  3. Yatishwar Anand

    How do we generate that QR code?

  4. Ramon Sanchez

    Thanks mate for this tutorial

  5. SuperFly Autos Magazine

    Great Video, thank you for sharing. In terms of the foil effect image you used for the background of the QRCode, did you create a video with the foil effect to make it move? and then upload that video in the canva image, thus when converting to gif, it animates it? Thank for providing more clarity on this 🙂

  6. KalifRetlaw Dworfton

    where do y get your images?

  7. KalifRetlaw Dworfton

    Can u print the cards n if so how's the hologram going to work???

  8. Tanja Jurgec

    Hi, So I can make art on Canva and then sell it? I am very new to this and am still trying to figure out which platforms do artists use to create digital art. Thank you so much for answering. 🙂

  9. Alex Coronella

    what is that qr code for? what does it address?

  10. All-rounder BD

    Wow! your work is amazing.

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