How to Create Winning Designs: Starting a Print on Demand T-Shirt Business in 2021 Part 2

How to start a print on demand company for 2021, the full tutorial. This is part 1 of a 3 part mini-series, I’ve wanted to make this series for a long time and I hope it’ll help a lot of people.

If you have any print on demand questions let me know in the comments and hopefully, I can help you with this business.
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I’m Shimmy Morris, I love creating business, and learning new things along the way.
I’ve created quite a few different businesses since I left high school and so far it’s all gone pretty well.
I’m a massive car nerd and love all sports, especially those dangerous ones like snowboarding and rock climbing!
Thanks for visiting the channel, I hope you’re enjoying the videos.

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  1. Is viralstyle good platforme for beginners

  2. Great video Shimmy!

  3. Yes for the procreate tutorial !!!!!!!! Thanks

  4. Thanks for tip about Procreate, will be trying it soon.

  5. 8:34 Quick tip: Enable the Streamline feature in Procreate to get those perfect smooth lines. Trust me, it'll make drawing way WAY easier. I draw semi-professionally in Photoshop and CANNOT imagine drawing without any type of smoothing setting turned on ?

  6. Would you be so kind to slow down a bit of the visual explanation (eq. pointing the web site to upload your design), please? As I am a beginner. Many thanks.

  7. Shimmy, You Know Pixellab ? Because I design on Pixellab

  8. Hi Shimmy , I am going to start my POD journey this month .
    I would like to request you to make a detailed video about how can we make amazing designs using adibe illustrator .
    I am learning from your content , your content is absolutely love ? buddy.
    Keep teaching us✌?✌?✌?✌?

  9. ive been looking for a POD merch store that gives me the highest profit and nice quailty products (possibly an etsy with printify), i stream and have an audience. I was also wondering what you think of built in merch stores like the ones sites like twitch has. Im not finding much information on these compared to having your own seperate merch store.

  10. Yes procreate vid pls

  11. Your panda is so cute! Love this series ?

  12. My favorite pronunciation of Photopea is Foh-toh-pee-uh, so it rhymes with Utopia.

  13. I would like a video on how to write tags, keywords and descriptions.

  14. Yes please on the Procreate tutorial. Thx, mate!!

  15. OMG, YES!! I had no idea procreate even existed! PLEASE show us!

  16. Shimmy, I’d absolutely appreciate to see how you create your graphics on procreate, and how you then combine them with fonts, and where and how you finalize the design! You’re my fav ?

  17. Props to you, Shimmy. Designing a graphic "live" using Procreate. I was very impressed.

  18. I have started affiliate marketing should I apply for google AdSense or no ?