How to Design a Christmas Facebook Cover for Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner!

Have you buy the essentials? Have you prepared anything to celebrate the holiday… on Facebook?

I know, it may sound funny, but with the accelerating development of the internet, Social media is taking over the world, and Facebook – one of the most used social network – has become a part of out daily life.
You may notice that nowadays the facebook tài khoản and the can be used for multiple uses, both for personal purpose and business one. So why not create an awesome Christmas facebook cover for this holiday?

Today I’m gonna show you how you can also create a craftily cover like the one I just did, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. You should definitely visit this trực tuyến website for design and create your own tài khoản if you haven’t had one, it only takes you a minute.
2. Click Collection on the top of the Website to go to Collection page. Or you can click Creat New+ as well.
3. Choose the background from the tools on the left bar, drag, drop and scale it to fit your design.
4. Also on the left bar, you can search some keywords to find icons and decorate your graphic. You can freely edit the icons or images, resize, change color, rotate it as you want.
5. Finally, click the Download icon to download your Design, you can save it in different format like jpeg, png.

This is pretty easy, right? And the important thing is you even spend only 5 minutes max on designing and editing. Don’t hesitate any longer, go to DesignBold and create your own unique Christmas Facebook cover for this holiday!

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