How to design a Facebook post? Using DesignBold

Hey, how have you all been doing recently?
I hope you are still good.

So this time, we will bring to you another tutorial video about how to make a . Cause obviously everybody has a Facebook page/trương mục nowadays but not everyone knows to make that page become really cool and unique.
That’s why we’re here to help you.
In this video, we still use the same design tool like in other videos, it is , so make sure you have created an trương mục on this site. However, it will be more special since this time, we will create the Facebook post from the previous design.
Let’s follow these steps to make your own unique FaceBook post:
1. If you haven’t watched the last video, click this link about How to make an Etsy banner/cover:
2. Go to your profile page where all your previous designs are shown.
3. Click on your previous design of Etsy banner and choose to edit it.
4. When in the editing page, click on the resize icon on the top toolbar, choose the size for the Facebook post, it will lead you to another editing file.
5. Drag and drop, scale, position the images in the design to fit the size that you have changed.
6. You can also remove, replace the images and even add some more cutesy icons, change the color and customize them as your want.
7. When you finish, click the Download icon to download your Design, you can save it in different formats like jpeg, png.
That’s the wrap! I find this super easy and convenient since it can save me a lot of time and effort creating the new design from the previous ones. That is another cool thing about DesignBold, the tools are so effective and help you – as a non-professional in design – enormously.
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