How to do a hair design – *MUST SEE HAIR TRANSFORMATION* by Bestest Barber

It was time for a change for the bro @isaacaaronmedina.
After over 2 years of blond curls,he finally decided to trim it down.
It wasn’t easy to let it all go at once, so we wasted a bunch of time to progressively cut it shorter and shorter LOL.
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video.

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  1. That was a great transformation. ?

  2. Nice hair cut,am a barber

  3. Афигенное видео! Спасибо очень много узнал

  4. Je suis un peu plus sur le site du ministère

  5. That hair line tho ??

  6. Выглядит легко но на деле не всё так просто.

  7. For tribal trimmer must be zero gap?

  8. That looks very good

  9. That was niiiiiiiiiiiiice sir

  10. Nice idol keep up uploadi g about hairtattoo.

  11. What's the liquid you applied on the hair before using razor?

  12. Before was sooo much better!

  13. Why issac staring at me like that

  14. wow, what a transformation! such a perfection of your work! bravo!

  15. i do my lineups first too and ppl be thinkin im crazy

  16. ,nice bro,so elegant,,???

  17. That's an amazing design! Well done man!

  18. We need a video on why your detailers hit so much

  19. Fantastic ??? mi bredda

  20. Buddy could’ve just dyed his hair back black

  21. ?Nice idol great job
    Hope Soon improve my skills and my Hair Studio like you?

    God blessed
    #watching Philippines ??

  22. Me sirvió mucho.. gracias

  23. … I’m gonna try that on my kid. Pray for me ??

  24. You are amazing!
    You make that look crazy easy…….it was not!!! lol. It was like trying to paint along with Bob Ross……doesn't quite come out the same!!!!

  25. What type of pro clippers you using there bro ?

  26. Nice job I did this in my clients hair today.

  27. Ey yo al miro el larte me en canta