How to Easily Create TABLES with Canva | New feature! ?

Until now, finding how to easily create tables with Canva was almost mission impossible… Not anymore! You know how much we love workarounds and we found an effortless way to create these tables using a new feature within Canva! In this easy , I’ll show you how to easily create a weekly planner, for example… But options are infinite and you can create your own, according to your needs! Hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

00:00 Intro
00:51 First, let’s design and create our table!
02:14 Now, let’s import the table to Canva!
03:04 A new feature allows us to edit our table directly from Canva: I’ll show you how!

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  1. What do think about this new way of creating tables? Was this video useful? Share your opinion and comments below! ???

    ? Get Canva Pro for FREE for 45 days! ? By using our affiliate link, you can benefit from 45 days of Canva Pro free trial, which is 15 days extra than what is offered via the Canva website! ??

  2. Hi , my teachers can we use canva for ui/ux designs?

  3. Need colour combination video

  4. Totally love this! This is such a wonderful tip. Thank you so much for making this video!

  5. Why canva implement this directly into canva … What is so hard about creating a table?

  6. It's so useful, thank you a lot

  7. Will it ba available for free canva ?

  8. Thanks for the tip! Also a question – how do you place yourself on top of the screen? Do you have to use special programme? ?

  9. I'm so excited about this feature. It's going to make it a lot easier to create my new digital product. Thank you.

  10. Thanks Diana for the awesome tutorial

  11. Oh wow, being able to edit a pdf….how awesome!

  12. Very useful
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Brilliant. I have to gave taller in documents and on labels all the time and this is much better and quicker than doing cell-by-cell. Thank you.

  14. thanks! nice video

  15. Hi Diana, thanks for your video. It's very useful. Just wondering, can you adjust the size of the tables? thanks.

  16. Thank you so much Diana… <3 <3 🙂

  17. Wow. Your creatives is excellent and exciting. Thanks

  18. Awesome! I love to use canva. With canva, you can do everything

  19. Already discovered this?
    But, Thank You!!? For explaining in detail

  20. Thanks, U R the best, congratulations

  21. Wow. ? Amazing hack!!

  22. Thank you so much for this video. This was very helpful.

  23. Wao.. An excellent addition for Canva buddies especially for those who make planners… Thanks for sharing

  24. I do better then this and I sell it

  25. Diana

    Thanks , your method is awesome
    But still rooms for improve , as it does not look nice in the look of the table from PDF

  26. Thanks for showing us this. This is an acceptable workaround. It's still a lot of work, but it'll do. And you can use MS Excel to do the same thing.
    Allow me a few moments to an educational snob.. As a technical writing professor, using tables is one of the primary tools in technical writing and document design. Since Canva is a design/creative platform, They should have a built-in option to create tables. Having to go through this much trouble to create a table is disheartening to say the least. When in PowerPoint or other presentation software, you can easily create a table. I'm done.

  27. Can a video on organizational charts please be next please?

  28. Excellent Diana…earlier i had great struggle to do a table in Canva..i was frustrated, quite lost and finally had to design something without the table…thank you for torching the light…shall create my own desktop calendar for 2022…Thank you dear