How to edit a line in Canva – Canva Tutorial 2020 – New Canva Feature to design like a Pro for không tính tiền

Let me show you in 4 different ways, thanks to a new line editing feature that Canva has just rolled out. You’ll learn how to create a line and how to edit it: how to make a line thicker or thinner, change its color and style, make either it dotted or continued, and even how to edit its ends so it looks super awesome!

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Keyboard shortcut to create
1:06 Where to find the lines within Canva elements
1:33 How to make thin lines in Canva
2:05 How to change the style of lines in Canva
3:25 How to add shapes to the beginning or end of lines in Canva
3:58 How to customize a design with the help of just lines

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Canva is a powerful and không tính tiền design tool that everybody can use to create beautiful visuals.

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  1. ? Try Canva Pro for FREE for 45 days: Using this affiliate link, you can get 45 days of Canva Pro free trial, which is 15 days extra than what is offered via the Canva website!

  2. Is there a way to make the lines thicker than 100?

  3. When you selected the lines in elements I don't see the half circle that you had. I have pro but I'm not seeing it's I can't figure out how to get that, or how to curve my line

  4. Can we bend that line?

  5. Hey, is there a way that I can manipulate a line, such as bending the line with a slight curve or a half-circle??


  7. Thanks for the great info guys!!

  8. Great features and teacher, Thanks so much

  9. ▶︎ ▶︎ Great news Diana, but unfortunately the "4 different options" you mention at 6:05 are not visible in my Canva account . I'm in Australia and I would have thought we'd be first for new roll-outs as Canva is an Australian company 🙂

  10. How to make animated professional intro ? In canva that music is available if use in youtube videos then copyright claim will come? Pls explain all about

  11. Hi Diana, I tried your "Canva Pro for FREE for 45 days" since Sat 19th, Dec, 2020. I still have not yet gotten an email confirmation from Canva that I can now use your Affiliate Trial Pro version. I sent Canva a Support Request. Sorry to have to ask this. Could you investigate this please. See Support request details below. Thanks –

    Your Canva Support Request Id: JTP-811018 ID-i65x0b | Other, Mon 21 Dec, 2020. 12:23am EST. Hello Support Guys, I enrolled for the Canva PRO 45-day Affiliate Free Trial (Diana Munoz) at approx 5:41 Eastern Standard Time on Sat, 19th Dec, 2020. I still have not received an acknowledgement email. Please assist. Thanks – [email protected]

  12. Can you teach how to use “group” feature in canva? I can make different groups for the people who join my class. However, I don’t know how to separate their designs by groups.

  13. Best news ever! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hey Diana, thanks for the update. But I am unable to see this feature even in my Pro subscription. What could be the reason? Please guide.

  15. Thank you that was really helpful and looking forward to using this too.

  16. Aun no me sale esa opción en mi canva pro 🙁

  17. Is this for both kinds of users in Canva?

  18. Just for once I would like to watch a tutorial like this and have mine look the same. I have no idea how you did the "keyword". Also, when I go to elements and add a line, I just don't have what you have in the top left corner. Why the heck not? I even have the paid version!

  19. Finałowy, i was waiting for this option!!!

  20. I am seeing present record feature in canva free

  21. That's awesome, Diana. Thanks for sharing! Is there any way to bend the line, similar to the text curve feature?

  22. Thank you ?? I don’t have feature yet

  23. wow so cool Feature.?
    but I don't have it??
    must be need more time to come in my account

  24. Gonna try it out ??❤️❤️