How To EXPLODE Your Amazon KDP Low Content Book sales In Q4


In this video i share a top tip for creating books around the Q4 season.


0:00 Intro
0:32 Taking a Look At My
2:06 How To Explode Your Q4 Sales
4:38 Creating Books Around Passions


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  1. Mr Paddy. Do Amazon prioritize the unique interior designs on the search algorithm over the ready made interior designs that are sold in creative fabrica or this doesn't affect the appearance of the published books ? Thanks in advance.

  2. For newbies, would you recommend targetting competitive keywords during the Q4? Is it worth pursuing?

  3. Paddy, do you buy copies of your books to check quality after printing? Also, your q4 sales… are your previous q4 top sellers still pulling in a lot yr after yr? Thanks, good video!

  4. Thank you! I am getting lots of value from your videos. Do you have 4048 books available for purchase? Is that what the number means on the top of your income report?

  5. Great. Very informative and inspiring.

  6. Amazing results!
    What would you attribute the big difference between your first Q4 and second Q4? Was it just because you had more books up or did you change your strategy? As this is my first Q4, I
    appreciate the advice on any way that I can make it great!

  7. Another inspirational video ?
    Maybe bit of topic but you mentioned about using lapto. Maybe its is a good idea to mention what kind of laptop you are using or what you recommend in 3 different price ranges. The reason I ask about it is some people like to use every free minute to do research in the bus for example or have health issues and can't sit behind the desk like myself. It's just an idea ?

  8. Hey what tou thik about puzzle books such as word search, maze, sudoku, word scramble etc.. for Q4

  9. what is the difference between a standard notebook and a composition notebook?