How To Make A Beaded Statement Necklace

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0:00 Title
0:08 Introduction
0:45 Tools and Materials
1:26 Arranging The Beads
2:50 Stringing The Beads
5:24 Attaching The Clasp
11:58 Final

How To Make A Beaded Statement Necklace
by Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil
Running With Sisters

This dramatic Beaded Statement Necklace is really just a simple bead stringing project. Once you learn this technique you can make all kinds of beaded necklaces. We think the bold agate beads in this one would pair nicely with a little black dress for the holidays. And the crystal filigree clasp can be worn in the front or the back. Let us know if you make a Beaded Statement Necklace. We’d love to hear from you!
Happy Crafting,
Jennifer & Kitty

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  1. I always have trouble with the crimp beads. Well, the first end of the necklace I can do, but I always have a hard time tightening the last end of the necklace. It's really hard for me to make sure the necklace isn't loose at the very end. This video might help, I have 2.5 size crimp beads and 3 size crimp covers. Is that ok to use together or am I doing it all wrong? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I made a beautiful boho necklace a long time ago using these sizes together and I still have it and it's just fine.

  2. Re the rondelles 6 x 8?

  3. glad to see your little happy faces. nice necklace

  4. Thank you. So helpful. I really needed this!?

  5. I really appreciate how descriptive you are. I just came across your channel not too long ago, and I’m enjoying it so much already. I am blind and a new learner, so I have a lot of questions especially when it comes to gemstone bracelets.

  6. I love this! Thank you so much. Do you all have anything on making leather earrings or faux leather earrings that are really popular right now? I see a lot of people using different prints and layering along with large pendants to get statement earrings, and I would love to see your take on some. Thank you for this beautiful necklace idea!

  7. You make luck so easy!! It is so beautiful. Thanks so much for education ♡!!!

  8. Wow! Just gorgeous. I love black and silver together.