How to Make a Brochure in Canva | Canva Tutorial

to design and print brochures for your organization today! CANVA is my favorite tool to DIY my graphics. I have tons of videos on this channel to show you how to use its features. To create your trương mục and support this channel visit Most of the features I demo require a Canva Pro trương mục so be sure to give that a try for that for miễn phí while you’re at it. to snag your miễn phí 45 Day Canva Pro Trial

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*CANVA is my favorite tool to DIY my graphics. I have tons of videos on this channel to show you how to use its features. Visit to snag your miễn phí 45 Day Canva Pro Trial

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  1. Tysm this helped me sooo much

  2. I see video and I have learn many more from you so really helpful video

  3. Thank you!! I’m a small business and I so appreciate you for sharing your knowledge especially the $$ savings ? I just subbed?

  4. Do you have templets which you made still

  5. So helpful thank you

  6. Great tut. Thank you. ?

  7. Do you know the best paper to print the brochures on? Tried the glossy paper ll but it kept smudging even though I left it for 24 hours to dry out but didn't work.

  8. Thank you very much. This was very helpful. I have created the back and forth of the brochure but having trouble printing them at home. Could you give us some tips on how to print the brochures at home? The alignments seems to be thrown off.

  9. Who is here because of a language pt

  10. It really helps for me thankk youuu❤️

  11. Your commentary is so appreciated, tutorials without commentary are so hard to follow. I have been doing a lot of digital marketing on Canva lately and have become frustrated with the way my brochures are able to present online. All the effort put into design is kind of wasted when I am only able to share disconnected pages. I have found an integration in Canva that allows you to convert your design into a fully functional digital brochure. If anyone is interested check out

  12. thank you for the tutorial. Want to make an evangelistic brochure.

  13. I need help, so when i convert my canva brochure into a pdf and print it double sided one side comes out as upside down. HOW DO I FIX THIS?

  14. this is trifold what about 4 sided brochure

  15. is there a way to make a Square trifold brochure. It seams there are only templates for trifold with portrait or landscape length. Can you help me find a template where I can add 3 square pages on recto + 3 square pages on verso?

  16. how do I add a back and forth?

  17. This was quite an impressive tutorial you shared ! Though did you used any paid thing while creating brochures?

  18. This was great and very upbeat comparing two to the videos I've listened to.
    Thank you for sharing
    can I create a book in canva

  19. When I drag a photo it's not dropping into place? Is this a feature you have to pay for maybe?

  20. I've just started watching this and I'm already impressed. TY!

  21. Thanks for great video!