How To Make A Countdown Timer Using Canva | Canva Tutorial

How To Make A Using CANVA – Tutorial
In this video tutorial, I will show you how you can make a countdown timer using Canva for your live events or webinars. It’s quite easy because Canva has made everything possible for anyone who wants to create or take their designs to the next level. The great thing about CANVA is that you can use it for miễn phí.

Watch, learn and enjoy this tutorial and get your designs more attractive!! If you want to explore Canva more, you can trial CanvaPro miễn phí for 30 days by using this affiliate link below at no cost to you:

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  1. Hi guys, I hope you enjoy and learn something from this video so you can prepare a countdown timer for your audience! If you want to trial CanvaPro for 30 days, you can use this affiliate link to get FREE access. Thanks?

  2. Thank you Stephen, this is an extremely helpful video and easy to follow! Canva is just awesome ??

  3. This definitely worth trying, great video thanks you?

  4. I have been wondering how that is made, thanks for the video✌️