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Cách Tạo Tiếng Cười Khi Học Online "Ngồi Học On Trong Nhà Vệ Sinh"

Cách Tạo Tiếng Cười Khi Học Online "Ngồi Học On Trong Nhà Vệ Sinh"

Cách Tạo Tiếng Cười Khi Học Online Cre: Phan Kiều Chi #anhmeoden #clipgiaitri #tiktok ▷ …


  1. Hey guys , enjoy this awesome canva tutorial & stay connected with us for more designing tutorial , tricks & tips .

  2. Starting on graphic design. This is a great introduction

  3. Wow..That's a design hack!!! Thank you for making video on this

  4. Great Tutorial! Thank you so much! whats the font that you used on your thumbnail?

  5. impressive yaar. thanks for making this vid

  6. There is so many things to do guys you just need to open your mind.

  7. Incredible job, u blew me off my bed with ur creative ideas , well detailed . Keep it up. I would like to see more videos on more logo design, Social media templates and banners, flyers, thumbnails, etc. Looking forward to seeing these videos and more. Good luck and stay safe.

  8. Hi how exactly do I attribute the creator?

  9. Amazing video??
    Thank u so much brother???

  10. I cannot change colour of icon.

  11. Super duper bro?now i,m subscriber ?

  12. Hey friend Plzz make more video on logo design step ?❤❤??

  13. Thank u ,the tutorial was stunning .Would love to see more

  14. How can I know the size of the circle in the logo? Like for example 8 diameter

  15. I thought I need to use photoshop to look more professional.
    My conclusion: it's all about creativity.. Thanks ????

  16. Make more videos on Logo design

  17. Hey bro..
    Nice tutorial…
    Please make a full logo design course video

  18. Won't they clam copyright on that icon? ?

  19. Yes, make more videos about logo design.

  20. Wow Awesome tutorial

  21. love this this tutorial great explanation?

  22. good job!
    Make more logo designs tutorial!

  23. Great vid very helpful