Today’s video shows how to make a which is capable of transforming your look from regular to fabulous!
Scrunchie headbands are fast becoming a thing and in this video I show you how to make one yourself in under 30 minutes.
It promises to be a detailed & fun tutorial!

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Steel hip curve
standard pinnable dress form

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Standard pinnable dress form:
Tailors scissors:
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Hello there beautiful person reading this; my name is Ayotola and I am the creative director of Sew Unique by Adunni, a bespoke womenswear brand based in Nigeria.
I enjoy being a creative and this ranges from creating awesome content for you to actually designing and creating cloths, I love traveling and I’m a foodie.
I post DIY projects and many of them are focused on sewing however, I do branch out sometimes. The goal remains to create awesome content just for you! Thank you for watching, supporting and encouraging my journey…. you’re the absolute best!

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  1. Hi guys ❤️
    So a couple of people have asked about selling price, the selling price will vary & its left to your discretion, cost price, fixed costs and all of that. Check out my fashion business videos for some good advice &

    I sell mine for N2500 each but you could go up to N4000 each depending on how you’re able to package & market yourself.

  2. Wow, very good job darling ??

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  4. Can someone use Ankara fabric?

  5. Thanks for the tutorials, pls ma, children's measurements. God bless you.

  6. You are a good teacher.

  7. Thank you so much ?
    I used this tutorial in making mine and I got it perfectly???
    Thank you ma'am

  8. I really love how u explain every details… Thanks

  9. Nice tutorial. Can these measurements work for children?

  10. Thanks, it was helpful

  11. Thanks, it's very detailed.

  12. Thank God I found your channel ?? You’re amazing!!! For this headband, must the lining be the same satin fabric or it can be another fabric? I’ll appreciate your response ?

  13. thank you for sharing

  14. The 3" for elastic look more like 2" wide cos aftersewing half inch or I still had mine looking bigger compared to urs

  15. It really looks so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Please hope It can be worn to church

  17. Your explanation is very good.

  18. Well done.very simple to follow