How to Make a YouTube Banner (Step-by-Step Tutorial w/ Canva)

Do you need help creating your ? In this step-by-step YouTube channel art tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a YouTube banner for miễn phí with Canva that will help you get more subscribers and grow your email list.

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Learning isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can easily and quickly make your YouTube banner without Photoshop. Canva is really easy to use (and miễn phí). If you want some help learning how to use Canva, check out our Canva tutorial for beginners video:

In this YouTube banner tutorial, we will cover: how to make a banner for YouTube, options for your YouTube banner template, and the recommended YouTube banner size / dimensions so your channel art shows up correctly on all screen formats (TV, desktop, mobile and tablet).

Your custom YouTube banner is one of the first things potential subscribers see so it’s important to include the following in your YouTube channel art: picture of you, your logo / channel name, tagline (tell people what kind of videos they will find on your channel), and how frequently you will be publishing videos. Your channel visitors can immediately see what your channel is about and how frequently they can expect to see new content on your channel. This will help you get more subscribers and grow your channel.

Bonus tip: when creating your custom banner for YouTube is to draw attention to the links that show up in the bottom right corner of your banner when on a PC. We have a link to our miễn phí personal brand training ( We want people to notice these links so on our YouTube banner we have text saying miễn phí training with an arrow pointing to the links. This text and arrow do not show up in our channel art on the mobile or tablet version of our banner given where we placed it in our channel art design. By adding these links and calling attention to them you will get more people to sign up for your email list.

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