How to Make an Etsy Banner?

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For those who don’t know, Etsy is an trực tuyến marketplace like eBay and Amazon which specialize in handmade stuff.
So today, I’m going to present to you an Etsy banner maker – an trực tuyến design tool, and show you how to design a fashionable cover or a banner on Etsy. I guarantee this will look good and capture your viewer attention.
The important thing is it doesn’t cost you any money!

Yes, you’ve read it right! So hesitate no longer and let’s jump right into the process.Follow me on these steps and you will get the best Etsy banner ever.

1. Go to this website: This is the trực tuyến Etsy banner maker I mentioned above. It is really simple to use, even with the non-professional. Create an trương mục if you haven’t had one, it’s không lấy phí.
2. When in the homepage, click Collection on the top of the Website to go to Collection page.
3. Click in the left-hand bar and choose Etsy cover photo in the drop-down thực đơn. Or you may type “Etsy” in the search bar (in the top right corner)
4. Scroll down and pick the template you like, click “edit this design” and name it if you want.
5. Replace the default background if necessary. You can upload your own image, just click on the cloud icon on the toolbar and choose images from your computer.
6. You can freely change the images, drag and drop, resize, scale, add some more decorations.
7. Type some text on your banner by clicking “Add heading”, just like the images, customize the text and position it as you want.
8. Finally, click the Download icon to download your Design, you can save it in different format like jpeg, png.

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That’s all! You have finished making an awesome, impressive and appealing picture for your Etsy shop with this Etsy Banner Maker. How long have you spent on designing it? I bet that it can not be over 5 minutes.

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  1. This was helpful in using the site, although the banner template you chose was not free anymore. How do I upload the banner to Etsy?

  2. Fantastic Video with easy to follow explanation – perfect