How to Make an Interior Design Moodboard in Canva | No Photoshop | Tutorial

Today’s video is a tutorial on how to make a mood board in Canva for miễn phí without Photoshop. Learn how to get rid of white background images and the 3 different levels of mood boards designers use.

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  1. worth watching …great video

  2. So helpful!! I was able to create my first moodboard 2 & 3 before completing this video just by watching the beginning of the video. I had no clue you talked bout moodboard 3. Thank you so much.

  3. Very useful info. Learned something new, Thanks

  4. Very nice video, algorithm gods ?

  5. Hi! I Loooove your works. I would love to learn more from you ??. Is the level 3 out yet? Looking forward to it ❤❤❤

  6. This video is so detailed and wonderful, thank you ?

  7. Does any one know a program similar to Morpholio Board for windows?

  8. Thankkk you this is a life saver ??

  9. Can you layer without a paid Canva subscription? I keep trying to layer and it won’t do anything

  10. Please do a level 3 mood board tutorial.

  11. Hello Sandy, Great video! Have you done a video on how to create a Level 3 mood board? Please let me know. I would love to check it out. Cynthia

  12. Have you done moodboard level 3 ?

  13. So many useful tips. I always learn something from your channel. Thank you!

  14. I absolutely love your all videos and have watched most of it. Thank you so much

  15. Hi I would love to see a level 3?

  16. THANK YOU! There’s so many DIY decor vids that just suggest to “make a mood board” but don’t give further advice on how to do it!!

  17. I just found out that there are actually levels of mood board, I thought it’s just a matter of the designer’s style. Looking forward for the level 3 tutorial!

  18. Please do a mood board level 3 video would be very helpful thanks… Love your channel ♡

  19. Tutorial for Moodboard Level 3 PLEASE!!!

  20. I can't seem to make my image smaller after I drag it onto my board. Any suggestions?

  21. Can you provide a tutorial for Windows PC?