How to Make DIY Stickers & Magnets with a Cricut Explore or Maker! | SIMPLE Print Then Cut Tutorial

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Hi friends!
Today we are making custom stickers, magnets, wrapping paper, and more! I’m sharing a full tutorial on how to use your Cricut to make stickers using the print then cut feature. AND I’m sharing more không tính phí printables for you to use and enjoy!

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0:00 – 7:47 – How to make waterproof vinyl stickers with your Cricut
7:48 – 9:32 – How to make clear stickers with your Cricut
9:33 – 11:11 – How to cut magnets with your Cricut
11:12 – 14:56 – How to make a print then cut banner with your Cricut

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  1. Companion Blog Post (you can download my FREE files here):
    Canva tips and tricks (how I design my files):
    Rae Dunn/Starbucks Files are from (please note, some are only available if you subscribe to her email list):
    Sanderson Sisters Museum file is from Etsy:
    Watercolor Animals are from Creative Market:

  2. Do you think the Air 2 will cut through the magnet as well or just a maker? I don’t want to tear up my machine by trying, but I’d love to make my kiddos some car stickers for Christmas!

  3. Love love love❣️ Thank you❣️

  4. U have quickly become my #1 diyer! Everything is great! Also cricut sticker paper is the worst thing ever. I buy the Auntie Tay sticker paper.

  5. Hey Whitney when I go to download the files the text is missing. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

  6. I'm just wondering if you could go any freaking faster??? ? gezzz we can't keep up with you! SMH

  7. I too tried the printable sticker paper and it kept jamming in my HP as well. I was very sad it didn't work.? I think it is just too thick.

  8. Great projects!!!! Take advantage of the instant ink!!! I use it and I love it. If you want my code so we both get something let me know.

  9. I just subscribe to you thank you so much for showing us this it help me a lot. I have a question though….on the printable vinyl can you use this to iron on as well or is there a specific printable one for HGTV. Again I loved this tutorial tyfs

  10. Thanks for showing I have been trying to figure out print then cut. I think my biggest issue is that I use my ipad for my Cricut and it just doesn’t support all the features. Oh and now I really want the Maker3, those magnets were so cute!

  11. Yeah wanting to try this now!! The stickers are amazing!!

  12. Those stickers were so freakin cute!!

  13. I’m still old school and have the Cricut that uses cartridges, which I have a ton of. I don’t even know if you can still buy them. I would like to have the Cricut Maker, but I can’t justify the cost. Also I don’t know if I would ever learn how to use design space. It just seems to technical for me so I’ll just keep on using what I have until it dies. I’m in need of a new printer. One of the first things I look at is how much is the ink refills and does it use two or five cartridges. What kind does your new one cost?

  14. Everything looks so great. Only thing is that do not have a circuit. I am going to download them and print them out and use them in different ways. Thank you for sharing?

  15. Love this video! Thanks, Whitney!

  16. Very informative thank you for the free printable’s

  17. I need to make magnets! I even have some printable magnetic sheets to use. Thanks for the inspo!

  18. LOVE all of these! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  19. Hi Whitney! I noticed when you were explaining how to do the offset you said to select the offset and the sticker image and press attach, but then it looked as if you pressed flatten instead of attach. Are these interchangeable?

  20. love the fall essentials, and the magnet idea, might try it, getting excited about use my machine

  21. Another option to try for something permanent (say a printable sticker you want to put on your car) you can cut the sticker without an offset like you normally would (not waterproof or permanent), then do the offset ONLY and cut CLEAR Oracal 651. Then you would manually lay the clear Oracal on top of the sticker (just like your laminating method) and the small overhang will keep it waterproof and permanent. That's hard to explain so hopefully that makes sense.

  22. I LOVE offset so much

  23. Girl! You did such a great job explaining on this!! Can’t wait to try them out. So much I still haven’t learned about my Cricut

  24. Really helpful, clear instructions. Thanks!

  25. Tan eik fai lam 21 years malaysia loph????????

  26. Wow! I have been hearing about these stickers and things. But you make it look too easy! But it sure looks fun!!

  27. You can use the print and cut to make custom address labels. ? NVM. lol you did it. Only different is that I used the full sheet address label.
    I loved this video. I'm gonna have to sit down and watch this video again when I go to try it. ? Thank you sooo much for this tutorial! I really appreciate it! ❤

  28. Hi Whitney all of your projects turned out amazing and so stinking cute awesome job !? TFS Happy Wednesday to you stay safe and well Blessings !

  29. You mentioned that you’ll use the stickers with your logo on items that you sell, where do you sell these items? Are they for public purchase? I love this video! I’m too chicken to try it but it looks great!

  30. I JUST STARTED the stickers and it’s a little challenging when I try to attach the back to the picture. I’m starting to get it but your video has made things a little more clear. I can’t wait to try it again tomorrow! ?

  31. I so wish I had a cricket, my birthday is coming in October, im going to tell my husband thats what I want, so I can do all these things. Not that I will because I will never figure it out but im going to try if I can get one.
    You are fantastic at explaining what to do and I loved all the stickers and stuff for the baby shower.

  32. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, I’ve been wanting to try to make magnets but had no idea how to do it. Now I have to try it!

  33. This was an awesome tutorial..thank you so much for all your time and effort. I'm so grateful for your amazing creativity and generosity. Tfs

  34. How awesome ! So intimidated by my maker to start a project. Could you list your favorite brand of wood stain colors also please?

  35. Well, I’m so glad I popped over here for this video! You always make things look so much easier than I think they are. Your tutorial is great and now I wanna go sticker wild!! Thanks so much Whitney!

  36. Can you do a video on using Canva and creating designs.

  37. I purchased a cricut maker 2 weeks ago and I love it. I can't wait until I can figure out how to make all this stuff. I loved the baby shower stuff and the banner was super cute. I like watching all your DIY's. Thank you for sharing! Donna Tokazowski

  38. Love the themes so awesome!

  39. I had the same problem with the printable sticker paper. It just wouldn’t work

  40. Awesome timing! I was planning on making stickers this week. Would all the steps be the same for the original Maker?

  41. Thank you for this! I had just mentioned today that I needed to learn how to make stickers & then your video popped up shortly after! Never thought about the magnets, but that's on my try list! I'm sure I'll have to watch this video several times while I'm doing it, but you explained it very well.

  42. Aim saving this to my email so I can go back to it.

  43. Those are cute. Thanks for sharing ???