How to Make Etsy Wall Art Mockups Using Canva – Easy Tutorial

Hey Etsy sellers, welcome to a simple & easy tutorial, on how you can create amazing wall art mockups for your printable wall art designs, or prints you sell using Printful or Printify!

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On this easy wall art mockup tutorial I am using CANVA
Try for 30 days –

But, you can also make amazing wall art Mockups for Etsy using Placeit! –

Start a Print on Demand business using Printify-

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Good luck with your Etsy shop!

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  1. Can I insert mockup from other websites n then into canva n use it for my designs?

  2. At 11:41, you mentioned 5 printables to download: does that inside the pdf , you have given the design in 5 different designs of
    different sizes or all 5 different designs in same 8×10 size ?

  3. I love your content, very informative and clear. I've just subscribed.

  4. Hello May Aroyo, nice to meet you. I know this isn't a recent video but still i am setting up everything and have aproblem with dragging my artpiece in the mockup. To begin with all my sizes of the artwork are downloaded in another browser. I worked in Chrome but they are downloaded in Modzilla. I dont know why this happened? And so now i can't upload them again for my mockup because canva doesn't recognize it? Wel you could say i don't know anymore what to do next. Thanks in advance:)

  5. Never have I encountered a channel with such descriptive information. Kudos to you. ❤️

  6. what is the best way to edit my photo so the lighting matches the background so it looks like it was meant to be there. Is there an easy fix or do i need to play around with each setting? Really hoping there's an easy fix 🙂

  7. Well done. ??? Can you show how to make and upload a letter size printable (x5), and. 11 x 14” wall art mock-ups to be your primary thumbnail for Etsy in power point or free Canva? Ty

  8. This was brilliant! This has increased my understanding immensely. Thank you Mey!!!

  9. Some mockups on canva have shadows or objects in front of the frame . How i can put my print there and ajust them so it could be more realistic ?

  10. I like the idea of placing a watermark on the design because Redbubble has one that automatically attaches once picked on your dashboard. I also learned a lot about manipulating in Canva, thank you!

  11. Wow, so many great little tips using Canva that I didn't know about. Thanks!

  12. This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks you so much very informative. Would I need to download this in Canva then upload the download to my etsy shop? Can you do a video on how you would do this or email me? [email protected] thanks again!

  13. So informative mock-ups can be confusing but I enjoyed how you explained everything. ??

  14. cool(: i think a nice way to make the watermark would be using your shop logo/text and multiply it and adjusting transparency over the art!

  15. Great tips! Thank you! I would love more videos about printable wall art to sell on Etsy 🙂