How To Make Jewelry: How To Use A Jewelry Design Board

How To : How To Use A Jewelry Design Board

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You may have seen a , also called a Jewelry Design Board, in the jewelry section at the craft store. In this video we will show you how to use the Design Board and what the markings mean.

A Bead Board or Jewelry Design Board typically is plastic covered with flocking to keep beads from sliding around too much. It has pockets to store beads in while you are working and one, two, or three channels to lay your beads in.

We like to start at the bottom center. This is marked zero. Ass you add beads to either side going up the outside channel, you can look at the numbers to see what length your necklace will be. If the beads reach 8 on each side, your necklace will be 16” long (plus a little for your clasp).

To use the design board, we cut our beads off the temporary strings they come on. For a random beaded design, we choose some large beads, some medium sized beads, and some small beads. We start by setting the large beads around the board randomly. Then we fill in with the medium sized beads followed by the small beads. With a design board you can pick up the beads and move them around to change your design. Which is a lot easier to do before they are strung on the bead stringing wire.

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Once you have your design how you like it and the length you want it, you can string your beads into a necklace.

We have a tutorial for how to string beads to make a necklace.
How To Make A Beaded Necklace

We hope you like this video and it helps you get started making your own jewelry. If you have any questions at all, just leave us a comment and we’ll reply. We are here to help!
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