How to make memes in Canva – Canva Tutorial 2020 – Create your own personalized meme

HOW TO MAKE IN CANVA (Canva Tutorial)

This custom meme tutorial is for all Canva users: whether you have a Canva miễn phí or a Canva PRO tài khoản, you can follow it easily!

To create personalized memes, we’ll start with using a meme template in Canva (see link below): first, I’ll teach you how to replace the photo and how to edit the text box of the meme template so you can display your own content. Then, you’ll learn how to create the funny effect for your meme by uploading a video excerpt (if you don’t have any at hand, you can record one with their cell phone). I’ll also teach you how to remove the background from your video so that your face becomes the main character and appears as “embedded” in your personalized meme. Finally, I’ll show you how to download your meme in a Gif format (to achieve an auto-play loop effect) or in .mp4 video format (necessary if you want to upload it on Instagram).

→ Link to meme templates:
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→ Share your designs! Upload them on social media and tag me so I can see what you’ve created!
-Instagram: @dianamunoz
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Canva is a powerful and miễn phí design tool that everybody can use to create beautiful visuals.

I personally use it every day!

With this channel, I want to introduce Canva to as many people as possible and teach them how to use it to design professional visuals and graphics to build their personal brand or grow their business.

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  1. ? Try Canva Pro for FREE for 45 days:
    By using this affiliate link, you can get 45 days of Canva Pro free trial, which is 15 days extra than what is offered via the Canva website! ?

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