How To Make Money with YouTube Shorts WITHOUT Making Videos Yourself (SIMPLE 3-STEP PROCESS)

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to make money with YouTube shorts WITHOUT making videos yourself! Not only did I break this down into a simple 3-step process… but I also made it a super easy to follow step-by-step tutorial that’s PERFECT for beginners! Enjoy 🙂

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0:00 – INTRO
1:00 – STEP 1 (choose a topic)
2:35 – STEP 2 (create & upload)
10:29 – STEP 3 (monetize)
13:37 – BONUS STEP (don’t skip)


It’s pretty clear that many of the large platforms are pushing the short form vertical videos ever since TikTok exploded over the last year or so. But I think YouTube shorts is easily becoming the best one because there is just so much more value to it. Not only can you make money on YouTube shorts WITHOUT making videos yourself… but you can use these YouTube shorts to completely BLOW UP your channel and get a TON of views on your long-form content which is super valuable and something that no other platform has. But now, let’s get started with the simple 3 step tutorial!

Before we actually start creating the YouTube shorts… you have to decide what topic you want to make those YouTube shorts on. It’s quite simple actually, all you have to do is type in # shorts + (enter niche here) and you can find a list of video topics to choose from. I personally chose fitness because not only is it already a highly profitable topic… but people have been at home so much lately that even more people are looking for ways to work out from home.

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Once you’ve decided on your topic, it’s time to use what I find is literally the EASIEST video editor I’ve ever used in my life! And believe it or not, this video editor is actually Canva. I personally use Canva for all of my graphic design needs for my business (YouTube included) but now they have a BRAND NEW video editor and it’s amazing because they have all the royalty không lấy phí pictures, videos & text all built in. But don’t worry if that sounds confusing at all, I show you how to do all of this completely step-by-step!

After you finished editing your video, you have to upload it (obviously) but more importantly… you have to MONETIZE that video! The best way to start making money with YouTube shorts (even before you’re monetized) is simply affiliate marketing. In this method, I used ClickBank products because they’re digital & high profit margins – but you can use any affiliate platform or product. But you HAVE TO make sure you follow exactly what I showed in the video, otherwise you’ll be missing out on a crap ton of money by doing it the wrong way.

I briefly mentioned this at the start, but the most important thing when it comes to YouTube shorts is making sure you take FULL advantage of them. What do I mean? Basically, you want to make sure you aren’t JUST posting YouTube shorts… because then what happens if they get rid of them or stop pushing them so much? So make sure you’re adding in some long-form content with them because this can put you & your channel on a rocket ship to the MOON! And I didn’t have time in this video to teach you how to do all of that, but if you want to create FULL long-form videos completely step-by-step as well… click the link below to get access to my BRAND NEW No Face YT Course to learn how 🙂


My Brand New No Face YT Course:

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  6. Shorts pay peanuts

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  8. how often should I post a regular-length video, 1-2 times a week? I think I'm going to give this a real shot again. I made one short a couple months ago and told myself Nah this won't work then I just dropped the idea. but since shorts are new I think ill go with them for the long run.

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