How To Make Money With Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos

Want to make money with Youtube Shorts? Here is how you can do it without making videos from scratch by simply downloading and uploading videos. I show you the full YouTube Shorts tutorial, including monetization.

YouTube Shorts is absolutely exploding right now, and I wanted to share with you a great niche for Shorts, as well as how you can for quick video production and growth.

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In this step by step video, I will show you , and how to make money from Youtube Shorts.

First you need to find a niche, and I show a way to use YouTube Search Bar to find what topics are in high demand right now on YT Shorts.

Next, I will show you where you can copy and paste YouTube videos to quickly create YT Shorts in less than an hour.

After that, I will show you how to monetise your Shorts videos with affiliate links. That will help you drive clicks to your affiliate links.



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  1. I have been doing this same niche about a month now but no view, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong ?

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  15. Thanks sir for the video.. I learned alot..

  16. so, we are allowed to use someone else's videos to make this work ?

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  20. Great video. I'll give it a shot.

    So question. Since my channel (Larry and his belts) is my main channel, which involves pro wrestling videos I create myself, if I use your method of making shorts and keep my shorts niche as pro wrestling, should I keep it on my main channel or make a separate channel that focuses ONLY on shorts?

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  23. Thanks Greg! Useful content as always? If I already have full version videos on my channel, do you recommend if I just trim out a 1 min parts from my own full version videos & make it as youtube shorts? So basically just re uploading my own videos, but in short version

  24. very nice,very informative.

  25. Hi Greg, what you sugest for as, 2 channel.. eg: 1 for tutorials and 1 for funny videos.. Or 1 comun channel with this 2 niche together?

  26. 0:00 – Intro

    2:03 – Step #1: Find Your Niche

    5:27 – Step #2: Find Video Topic

    6:46 – Step #3: Create the Video

    13:54 – Step #4: Sign up with Amazon Associates

    14:32 – Step #5: Upload & Monetize The Video

    20:45 – Outro

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